The Candy Files: Gilty as charged

What's hot, what's not and what's what at my place. This week:

House Candy = Gilt Edge

It's not just a seasonal thing, I generally love a gold trim. But recently the obsession has hit new heights as stuff with gold edges has leapt out at me from market stalls, junk shops and charity stores, inevitably finding its way into my home. 

My very gorgeous friend is coming to stay for a week soon and sadly it's under not so happy circumstances. I wanted to give her a bedroom to sleep in that will be a lovely retreat to come back to after a tough day. Without oodles to spend on a full re-decoration, I found my growing collection of gilt edge picture frames and today's new junk shop find - the £5 gilt framed dome mirror above the bed - work a treat in giving this tired attic space a new girly and glamorous update. 

I'll detail the full makeover soon, but here's how it's shaping up so far, gilt edge dome mirror newly in place (like 1 minute ago as it happens).

Fine and Candy = Gilty Pleasures

And then there are those shiny, new purchases that you know are totally seasonal. That your head says: "Yawn, another metallic festive impulse buy... These are going to look crap post Christmas"... and your heart says: "Sod it, buy them now and wear them with everything. It's fairy season." 

Gold metallic ankle boots £75  Top Shop

Gold metallic ankle boots £75 Top Shop

Candy Pandy = Guilt Ridden

Please tell me you're doing it too? You're online Christmas shopping for everyone else and suddenly the offer of all offers pops up on the leather skirt you wanted in October, AND those tuxedo trousers you fancied yourself in (although on what occasion you'd wear them you're not quite sure) and you go... wwweeelllll, they're classics .... I'll order them both and see what fits/suits me and I'll send back the other. And then they arrive and oh they fit, in fact they looks amazing. It's butter soft leather, it's the perfect edgy cut and it will save the house candy husband ALL the stress if you keep them both and call them your very special Christmas presents. And then suddenly there's an extra £200 on the credit card and you're wondering if the kid really needs an ipad mini after all.

Victor leather skirt Now £115  Plumo

Victor leather skirt Now £115 Plumo

Black Friday is coming to get you people. Shop nice.

Have you got any gilty secrets you'd like to share? Drop me a line in the comments section. I promise I won't tell Santa.

Claire x