Let there be light

Apologies if your electrics have been down in the last 24 hours. I'm concerned the power surge caused by the big lights switch on in the new extension may have blown the National Grid. 

The electrician came today (at 6.30am btw) and as a result, we now have light and power. It's cost me a small fortune in lightbulbs, let me tell you. There are ceiling lights, wall lights, external wall lights, Christmas lights. And after 10 weeks of darkness on that side of the house, I can't pretend that I'm not enjoying switching them all on.

In a less frivolous/more carbon neutral move, I've utilised some more vintage lights that I picked up from the flea market. These pretty twinkly brass wall chandeliers are really a bit small for the massive dark panelled wall in the living area of the new kitchen extension. But they looked so pretty against the dark paint that I had to ignore the builder's advice and use them anyway. If I come across bigger ones someday then they may move, but for now, I just love the vintage glamour they bring to the room. 

Re-wired vintage glass wall lights

Re-wired vintage glass wall lights

I have to keep reminding myself that only a few months ago, this room was just a dead outdoor space between the house and the crumbling old outbuilding. So I think it deserves a bit of Christmas bling, don't you?

Thank you so much for your input in the dark/light kitchen shelves debate. It's all cool, we have Christmas to mull it over, because Des the dancing decorator has declared (no more d's, promise) that he hasn't time to paint it dark now anyway... BUT ... if I do decide it has to change, he will oblige in the New Year when he's back to sort out the entrance hall. So please do keep your votes coming. I'll let you know the consensus at the end of the week.

In the meantime, I have a houseful coming tomorrow night and now that there are light bulbs in this here extension, you can't half see the muck :(

NOW I get why you need dimmer switches. 

Claire x

The Habitat hero light that's good for the brass

Our eyes met over a crowded dancefloor. Within seconds I knew he was the one.

No, I'm not talking about my chance meeting with super gorgeous DesignSixtyNine in the pop-up #lightclub at Habitat's lighting event last week (though that was a very special thing too). Instead, I'm gushing over Marteau, the light that has finally ended my search for the perfect pendant in my new kitchen. 

Marteau brass pendant light £175  ww.habitat.co.uk

Marteau brass pendant light £175 ww.habitat.co.uk

With its hand beaten brass shade, the Marteau ceiling pendant is a modern light with a vintage feel about it. I'm looking for three large pendants to hang over my kitchen island and whilst I adore Tom Dixon's copper ball lights, they are £280 each and I worry the copper will date. Brass on the other hand has a timelessness about it and tends to go with the mish-mash of other metallics I have around the house. I'm not into matchy-matchy, so I don't need my kitchen handles and light fittings to be the same, but I do want them to complement each other. Brushed steel and antique brass feel like brothers from different mothers. It's exactly the synergy I'm keen to nurture in my new room scheme and at £175 each they come in at a competitive price point too.

Back in my natural Habitat

When my beloved Leeds branch of Habitat closed a few years ago and the brand moved to be more of an online retailer, I have to admit I fell a little out of love with it. A browse around a Habitat store was always such an aspirational experience and one I refused to believe could be matched by scrolling through a computer screen. So I jumped at the invitation to visit Habitat's flagship Tottenham Court Road showroom for their Light Club event and re-acquaint myself with their latest lighting offering. It was reassuring to find that whilst its retail experience may have changed over time, the legendary Habitat design ethos hasn't. It's still got that distinguished Terence Conran feel to it and a lighting range every bit as iconic as I remember. 

In addition to Marteau, these were my top ten faves:

1) Astrid

Astrid  black metal and glass floorlamp £295

Astrid black metal and glass floorlamp £295

2). Apex

Apex  geometric table lamp £65

Apex geometric table lamp £65

3) Burgess

Burgess  table lamp now £50

Burgess table lamp now £50

4) Marbelle

Marbelle  floor lamp with yellow silk shade £190

Marbelle floor lamp with yellow silk shade £190

5) Cinders

Cinders  trio pendant light £180

Cinders trio pendant light £180

6) Rock

Rock  copper ceiling light £75

Rock copper ceiling light £75

7) Aberdeen 

Aberdeen  extendable wall light £190

Aberdeen extendable wall light £190

8) Tessellate

Tesselate  decorative LED wall light £275

Tesselate decorative LED wall light £275

9) Kuriko table lamp

Kuriko  marble and gold table lamp £140

Kuriko marble and gold table lamp £140

10) Kuriko marble and gold floor lamp

Kuriko  marble and gold floor lamp £250

Kuriko marble and gold floor lamp £250

I know I said I don't do matchy-matchy, but I'd make an exception to the rule for this last pair of Flo-esque marble based beauties, wouldn't you?