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This week...

House Candy = Unlikely Stars

I'm going to hazard a guess that my latest home accessory freaks you out just a little?

Clowns get bad press, but when I saw this lonely circus runaway looking a bit down on his luck at the second hand market recently, I thought I'd give him a break.

Not only do we share a love of ginger hair and unnecessary pompoms, but like me, he's old enough to remember Pierrot  - the last clown to become an unlikely star of the interiors world. I think it's about time there was a new freak on the block. What do you reckon?

Fine and Candy = Transeasonal Stripes

I'm obsessed with stripes and the black and white variety is just the epitome of easy chic in my opinion. This cheap as chips supermarket sweater has perked up my tired winter wardrobe no end and I'm itching to do the same at home. 

See, black and white stripes have been rocking some pretty hip interiors of late. First there was that House of Hackney wallpaper in the Kate Moss' Lakes by Yoo triumph...

Image from The Daily Telegraph

Image from The Daily Telegraph

Then there was the chair that added some sartorial sophistication to an otherwise bonkers Celebrity Big Brother house...

Image from Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother

Image from Channel 5 Celebrity Big Brother

Now I'm on my mum's back to finish off the fancy dining chair she is kindly reupholstering for me with some bargain copycat fabric by Ikea. 

Mum, you've totally earned your stripes, now can I PLEASE have mine?

Candy Pandy = SPACIOUS Spots

Big news in the world of wall decals and I can totally see why. 

Mini polka dot wall stickers

Mini polka dot wall stickers

Just .... has anyone actually had a go? All that neat spacing and artful sticking looks potentially stress inducing. Personally I'm an advocate of random spottiness. 

Gold spot wall decals £17.20  Wall Affection at

Gold spot wall decals £17.20 Wall Affection at

Or maybe I'm safer sticking to tea towels.

Emma Bridgewater tea towel £10

Emma Bridgewater tea towel £10

So what's going up and down on your interior radar this week? I would so LOVE to know. Drop me a comment below, it would be great to hear from you. 

Have a great week all