The New Year Resolution that needs to start NOW

Day Eleven


This is a little bit sick bucket - and also the first time I've told anyone - but every year when I switch the Christmas lights on for the first time I take a moment to reflect on how lucky we are to have another year together with all of us in good health. *Look, just keep reading, there's a gift in it for you, if you get to the end*

My youngest son came close to knocking on the pearly gates when he was a baby, and obviously, it scared the bejesus out of us. I don't know why I reflect upon it more at Christmas than any other time of the year, but something about putting twinky lights and delicate glass decorations on a tree (of all things) reminds me that every day is a gift that ought to be treasured. I think that's why I'm rubbish at saving anything for best. Life is the special occasion people. Know what I'm sayin'?

Recently I was bowled over to be asked to curate a page for a beautiful interiors website called Oh What's This. Everything on this site has been handpicked to make it a special on-line marketplace of just really gorgeous homewares and accessories. It was tricky picking my top ten favourite pieces from such a vast selection, until I started to think of how I want to approach filling my brand new kitchen.

Basically, if I don't love it, it ain't going in. This is the only New Year's Resolution I'm making and I'm applying it to my entire (overcrowded) house/life. Even the pans will be bloody lovely pans... until I burn the buggers of course. If I have to take my time filling it, fine. I'd rather have four lovely mugs than 16 okay ones. I get that things need to be practical, but that needn't stop them being beautiful. Who knows, they may even get looked after better if they feel special. It shouldn't be that way, but let's face it, it just is.

So when I came to curating my shoppable page for today's re-launch of Oh What's This, I gave a lot of thought to beautiful items for the home that would make every day of using them a treat. 

See what you think to my choices by clicking this link:

And as a special treat for all of us to feel mushy about, here's a 10% off discount code to help with those particularly special items over £100 from the entire Oh What's This site. Simply enter OWTCANDY at the checkout. 

I'm kicking off my New Year's resolution early by purchasing a luxury sixteen piece set of brass cutlery which I will relish putting in my brand new kitchen drawers in a week or so... and which I hope will give my folks an extra forkful of joy when they have their Christmas dinner. 

Luxury brass cutlery, £120

Luxury brass cutlery, £120

Sorry if that was just a little too nauseating right after you've eaten, but look, if you're anything like me you'll be feeling a bit frazzled right now. Too many mince pies already, too many pre-drinks, which inevitably leads to too many actual drinks. Not enough hours in the day and a to-do list as scary as the thinning skin around your eyes. You, my friend, need to be reminded how flaming special you are. Go on, treat yourself and your kitchen. Santa's orders.

Claire x  

Plush cushion crush at Asda

My crush on all things plush knows no bounds. Velvet is, and always will be, the best way to luxe up a look, whether it be to sit on ...

My fave plum velvet sofa and a couple of velvet cushions

My fave plum velvet sofa and a couple of velvet cushions

... or to strut in.

The dreamiest velvet platforms from  Miu Miu

The dreamiest velvet platforms from Miu Miu

Velvet rocks.

But when I popped to Asda on Friday night to cobble together something cheap and chic for tea, the last thing I expected to do was feed my current fashion passion for a measly seven pounds.

Velvet scatter cushion £7 from  Asda

Velvet scatter cushion £7 from Asda

This scatter cushion is the perfect little Autumn/Winter update  - and a pretty cool sending off gift for any students setting up their new digs, don't you think?

It looks so lovely on the stripey vintage chair my mum up-cycled that I'm struggling to decide which room deserves it most. Here it is bringing all the glamour to my guest bedroom.

This week I'm on the hunt for more touchy feely home fashion with a trip to London Design Festival and Decorex International. Keep following on Instagram where I will be sharing all the latest lush interior inspos. 

Have a great new week all, please let me know if you bag any cool cushions with your cornflakes too won't you? 

Claire x



Get a room - Why it was love at first sit at The Lounge Co.

Swipe right, swipe right, swipe right… SWIPE LEFT. OMG I’m in love. 

Phoebe Sofa and George Armchair from  The Lounge Co.

Phoebe Sofa and George Armchair from The Lounge Co.

If only choosing a sofa was as simple as choosing a date. 

I mean, a date is just a date. We might be looking for Mr Perfect, but if it takes a couple of nights out with Mr Smoking Hot to get there well, y'know, so be it. 

Sofa shopping is different. There's pressure to make a long term commitment without any of the experimental phase. With sofas, there's no taking it home to meet the kids and then realising, 'lovely as you are, this is never going to work'. Unless there's something seriously wrong, you know you're kind of stuck with each other for at least the next few years.

As big house purchases go, the sofa is up there with beds and flooring - one of those investment buys that you should take time to get right or live with the consequences. Those of us who've been there, bought the sofa and had a love/hate relationship with it ever since, will be pleased to meet a fresh new player to the market.

So hello, The Lounge Co.

Here's a company that gets the emotional impact of buying a sofa. A new face on the furniture scene, yet with impressive 'previous', these guys are all about helping you find the kind of furniture you want to settle down with. They know a thing or two about ticking boxes. In fact, I'd like to think of them as kind of furniture matchmakers. Why? Because within their new and totally gorgeous range of 12 sofas, 6 armchairs and 6 footstools, there's a very good chance you will snare The One.

Here's how I got on finding the forever furniture to fit the new living room layout I'm currently working on. Like so many of you, my standards are high, but my checklist is refreshingly simple: 

1. Beauty

What? I'm just saying what you are all thinking. Good looks are top priority when it comes to some things in life and the dream sofa is one of them. No problem for The Lounge Co. who has a whole host of honeys on its books, including these head turners:


Mallory sofa in rabbit's foot from  The Lounge Co.

Mallory sofa in rabbit's foot from The Lounge Co.

Great for that Scandinavian phase we're all going through, the Mallory sofa is cool, calm and collected.

Likes: Geometrics, faux flowers, shelfies. Dislikes: Donner Kebabs


Poppy Sofa and George armchair from  The Lounge Co.

Poppy Sofa and George armchair from The Lounge Co.

Quirky, colourful, always well dressed, Poppy is one of those sofas you dream about spending a Sunday afternoon with. 

Likes: Eclectic accessories, crushed velvet, Netflicks and chill. Dislikes: muddy pups.


Florence sofa and Floyd armchair  from The Lounge Co.

Florence is all about retro shapes and vintage vibes. She's so hip it hurts.

Likes: Iconic design, travel inspired textiles, collectible art and ceramics. Dislikes: Plastic flamingos.

2) Personality

I'm not totally shallow. Good looks are one thing but I need the personality to match. At The Lounge Co. there are over 100 fabric options, with varying price bands to suit your budget. This means you can mix and match furniture pieces and fabric choices to create a combination that totally matches your individual style and personality.

In my case, I'm looking for a colourful corner sofa fit for family life. Something that looks chic, but not too precious. I want a statement armchair in contrasting fabric - both fashionable and timeless. I could also use a patterned footstool or two to throw in a bit of extra texture

You know when something between you just clicks? 

Let the sofa see the cushions!  Holly corner chaise from The Lounge Co.

Let the sofa see the cushions! Holly corner chaise from The Lounge Co.

3) Experience

Willow sofa  from The Lounge Co.

Willow sofa from The Lounge Co.

Youth is one thing, but experience is quite another. The Lounge Co. may be a brand new firm, but its founders hail from G Plan and Parker Knoll - two of the most iconic British brands in furniture making history. A passion for traditional British furniture making is therefore at the heart of the business, ensuring each carefully crafted piece feels every bit as good as it looks.

'Love at first sit' is The Lounge Co.'s most excellent strap line. And I am well and truly smitten.  

Where shall we meet?

The Lounge Co. furniture range launched on 1st September and is available to drool over at 22 UK galleries throughout the UK. Use the online Store Locator to find your nearest retailer.

That's me happily settled down for the winter, how about you? Let me know if you find The One too. You know how much I love a happy ending.

Happy September all. Remember there's only a few days left to vote in the Interior Blog Awards and it would put actual hearts in my eyes to make the shortlist. I'm in the Best Design Inspiration category, which is a super tough group, so if you have seen anything that inspires you here on My House Candy please, please do take a couple of minutes to click here and register your vote. There are absolutely no strings attached ;)

Yours truly,

Claire x