Outdoor lights to love all year. Honest.

Day Eight

I'm a bit twitchy TBH. Usually by this point in December. I've got our outside Christmas fairy lights strung daintily around the house making everything look pretty. I'm craving that warm, glowy feeling you get when you pull into your drive and your home is all illuminated.

In recent years I've bought the clever connectable ones and have gradually added on more sets so that this year, IF I WAS ALLOWED, I could weave a tasteful twinkly trail right around the front of the new extension. Sadly a particularly Grinch-like House Candy Andy is dragging his feet. 

"The only outside lights you need to think about are these," Says HCA, pointing to some very un-twinkly, un-magical exterior wall lights in a brochure.

Exterior wall lights aren't very exciting, are they? I didn't appreciate quite how un-sexy they were until I was sent to buy some. Here's one instance where my reclamation fella couldn't save me either. I need six matching ones, ready to install and as energy efficient as they come. 

After many a dull hour spent trawling on-line stores I settled on these from B&Q and they're going up tomorrow.

I don't expect oohs and aaaahs from you, don't worry. But, I thought I'd show you them anyway, given that after all my research I found that actually, good old B&Q has all the modern designs at by far the best prices.

I was looking for black metal ones to match the new windows. These VIncent lantern lights were £42 (with 10% off on OAP Wednesday if your best pensioner pal comes with you).

Seriously, can this post get any more unsexy? Am I really writing about an exterior wall light named Vincent on a Friday night? Is this my life now?

What's worse is that the other progress I have to tell you about is pointing, paving and plastering. I'm nodding off even typing it. How about I just sign off with the promise of something sexy for the weekend? I know what you're after you filthy animals. You want a kitchen install update don't you? Check out Instagram stories for a cheeky peek.

Happy Friday all,

Claire x