The Candy Files - Too cool for stool?

What's hot, what's not and what's what at my place. This week...

House Candy = Stool

The time had come when I had to say farewell to this gorgeous white faux fur vanity stool that had been loaned to me for a photography shoot. And then, as I casually put it down in the hallway and got my shoes on ready to load it into the car, this happened:

What a great sized stool for a narrow hallway I thought. Just the thing for perching upon whilst slipping on one's pony skin mules I thought. Such a versatile little piece of furniture that every home (especially mine) should have I thought.

So now it's back on loan with its designer Justine Emmet who is working on other models (that might even match the mules) until I've saved up my pennies to ensure its safe return at my place. You can buy one HERE if your home has also got a faux fur pouf sized hole in it. 

Faux Fur Pouf by Justine Emmett £250

Faux Fur Pouf by Justine Emmett £250

Fine & Candy = Store 

Modern + vintage + quirky = House Candy

Modern + vintage + quirky = House Candy

The My House Candy store concept has just got a whole lot more exciting! I can't tell you any more about it just yet but I am absolutely, agonisingly struggling to hold my wee on this one so when I say watch this space I mean, watch THIS space. You hear me?

Candy Pandy = Steal

Thou shalt not.

And if thou is tempted to borrow items of exceptional House Candy for the purposes of taking beautiful pictures and promoting them on your blog to woo fellow interiors addicts, thou must not be tempted to hold on to them longer than thou promised.

Sorry Justine and Sorry Justine's bottom. You cannot have found these past few weeks easy. Especially when it comes to applying make-up in THIS beaut of a bedroom. Swoon

Oh I might just need to borrow that bedding btw. I promise to give it straight back...

Oh I might just need to borrow that bedding btw. I promise to give it straight back...

What's on your interior radar this week? Drop me a line in the comments section just to say hi or email if you've got some House Candy I might need to borrow/steal!

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Claire xx