I need your help with an alcove altercation

Day Nineteen

The worktop arrived today and although the lovely grained white granite received a unanimous thumbs-up, it also split the camp on the issue of what colour to pain the newly shelved alcoves.

My new white worktops and the dark or light alcove dilemma

My new white worktops and the dark or light alcove dilemma

House Candy Andy (HCA) is stamping his feet demanding they be painted the dark shade of the cabinets and the feature panelled wall. He thinks this will complete the welsh dresser look.

Des the Decorator (DTD) thinks dark would be overkill and the contrasting light paint colour of the walls, doors and woodwork would be a more sophisticated option.

I know, I know, it's MY kitchen, I'm supposed to be the interior expert around here, what do I think? The trouble is my brain has turned to mush. I mean, seriously, I stood still in Sainsbury's for a full 5 minutes yesterday, a box of Cadburys Heros in one hand and a box of Lindor truffles in the other. Sophisticated or popular, sophisticated or popular? I just couldn't find it in me to make the call and had to put them both down. I kid you not. I couldn't choose a bloody box of chocolates, can I be trusted with paint? 

So, HCA and DTD had the brilliant idea of asking you guys.

"Get it on the blog!" they hollered, nearly wetting their overalls at the preposterous idea that My House Candy may offer a serious solution to an actual workman's quibble. 

"Brilliant idea." I agreed. I mean, you guys have never let me down before, have you?

So PLEASE let me know what you think, either here or on my Instagram or Facebook pages. I would love to see a #Andy for dark shelves and a #Des for light. Here's another look at the room from head on. 

shelves x2.JPG

Any other pearls of decorating wisdom here would also be gratefully received.

Over to you!

Claire xx


Plush cushion crush at Asda

My crush on all things plush knows no bounds. Velvet is, and always will be, the best way to luxe up a look, whether it be to sit on ...

My fave plum velvet sofa and a couple of velvet cushions

My fave plum velvet sofa and a couple of velvet cushions

... or to strut in.

The dreamiest velvet platforms from  Miu Miu

The dreamiest velvet platforms from Miu Miu

Velvet rocks.

But when I popped to Asda on Friday night to cobble together something cheap and chic for tea, the last thing I expected to do was feed my current fashion passion for a measly seven pounds.

Velvet scatter cushion £7 from  Asda

Velvet scatter cushion £7 from Asda

This scatter cushion is the perfect little Autumn/Winter update  - and a pretty cool sending off gift for any students setting up their new digs, don't you think?

It looks so lovely on the stripey vintage chair my mum up-cycled that I'm struggling to decide which room deserves it most. Here it is bringing all the glamour to my guest bedroom.

This week I'm on the hunt for more touchy feely home fashion with a trip to London Design Festival and Decorex International. Keep following on Instagram where I will be sharing all the latest lush interior inspos. 

Have a great new week all, please let me know if you bag any cool cushions with your cornflakes too won't you? 

Claire x