Feeling supersonic about our Soundtouch 30 speaker system

Day 4 

Today is the first day of the kitchen extension project my husband has actually enjoyed. He got to pick his music system.

Bose  Soundtouch 30 multiroom speaker

Bose Soundtouch 30 multiroom speaker

Last night we had a date night at the Liam Gallagher gig in Leeds and I think a bit of the rock n roll star has rubbed off on him. There was definite swagger in his bow-legged step as he strolled into the Bose store, (Mecca to my music loving husband) hands behind his back in a Stone Island jacket, bless him.  

A very helpful expert on the subject of multi-room speaker systems (and fellow Oasis fan) guided us in the direction of the Soundtouch 30 multiroom, erm, thingy.

Now, I'm a vinyl kinda girl, whereas Richard likes to pump music out to the point where it hurts your ear drums. Music follows him around everywhere via his phone and his new baby, Apple Music. It does drive me a little insane, however it also has its advantages, like when it's turned up so loud he can't hear me dragging an old vintage dresser in through the back door.

Turns out it's not all about me, this kitchen extension project and I have had to allocate some decision making over how the budget is spent to Richard. He and the builder had already ganged up on me about the virtues of surround sound so I was bracing myself for some ugly, speaker in the ceiling situation. 

Lucky for me, we were advised that the Soundtouch 30 speaker offered the very best sound quality available and an ear-splitting demonstration of Liam Gallagher's Wall of Glass had Richard handing over his Visa with a smile on his face and me reaching for the Alka Seltzer

So that's another tick in the box, another Christmas present sorted and another sizeable dent in the bank balance. Don't worry, I have questioned the necessity of an expensive music system at this point in the budget depletion, but it was pointed out that once we finally have a kitchen again, we won't be eating out for a VERY long time, so we're going to need music. And anyway, what good is a party kitchen without a DJ? 

As You Were. CP x