House of Hacks - The art of beautiful cheating

There are some beautiful cheats out there. Ref Maria Sharapova. 

Cheating is wrong. Of course it's wrong, but weellllllll, tennis would be ugly without Maria, so I have found it in my heart to forgive her. Just like I know you will forgive me for my recent (but rather beautiful) cheating spate too. 

Sainsbury's Botanist cushion and Ikea striped fabric.  Swan Lake wallpaper  £67 per roll by Nina Campbell. 

Sainsbury's Botanist cushion and Ikea striped fabric. Swan Lake wallpaper £67 per roll by Nina Campbell. 

So it's time to come clean.

I love House of Hackney. In fact I have an unhealthy obsession with the brand. I love its modern vintage vibe, its unapologetic maximalism and I adore its rock star credentials. 

Palmeral  print cushions £148 House of Hackney

Palmeral print cushions £148 House of Hackney

And yet (guilt face) I've been reduced to cheating in order to achieve the look.

Exhibit 1 -  My twelve quid Sainsbury's palm print cushion. Intended to pretty up outdoor furniture and currently residing very happily indoors.

Botanist cushion £12

Botanist cushion £12

But that's not all. Unable to land this dreamy (and yes, rock-star expensive) House of Hackney London stripe Mortello chair to the tune of £2,495 ...

... I bought some £6 per metre Ikea copycat fabric and made my own accent chair instead. (Exhibit B below and top).

Sofia fabrc £8 per metre

Sofia fabrc £8 per metre

But you know what? Throughout this sordid designer hacking ordeal, I have experienced none of the shame associated with real life cheating. In fact. I'm actually quite proud of myself. You will be pleased to know that interior cheating, done well, feels really quite good.

What's more, it allows me more cash to splash on gorgeous actual House of Hackney accessories that:

a) I would not otherwise be able to afford and

b) Will fool everyone into believing that the fake stuff might actually be designer anyway (because a House of Hackney soap dispenser says a lot about your standards if you know what I mean.)

Palmeral ceramic bathroom gift set £55

Palmeral ceramic bathroom gift set £55

Clean hands and clean conscience. Who'd have thought cheating could be so rewarding?

Got any designer cheats you want to 'fess up about? Tip me off in the comments section below. It takes one to know one, right?

Claire x




How Jungalow living is

I'm feeling this dining alfresco vibe, big time. Yesterday the sun was out for long enough to much my avocado and tomato topped rice cakes right there on the patio (but not quite long enough for me to finish my lemon tea). 

I'm now on high alert for the next outdoor dining opportunity and I need to be ready.

Thank goodness then for and their boho inspired Lyra range that is currently available for Express Delivery.

This six seater glass topped dining table is perfect for creating the Jungalow style I'm seeking for outside my kitchen window and, at only £299, it leaves me enough cash to splash on extra potted palms. 

Lyra 6 seater dining table in Green by

Lyra 6 seater dining table in Green by

A pair of matching chairs will set me back £179 and with their painted metal legs bringing this classic vintage look so very up to date, I am hugely tempted to add them to my Choose Day shopping cart. (I know, it's Wednesday but the Bank Hol threw me okay?)

Alternatively, the mix and match option works just as well. A quick lush green spray paint on that dated rattan here, a palm print cushion there...

(I'm crazy about this Botanist scatter cushion £12 from Sainsburys) and you're good to go.

Dispatch for The Lyra range is minimum 2-3 working days, so if you're planning on being alfresco ready for the forecast mini heatwave, I suggest you click here and proceed immediately to checkout.

Have you had your first taste of summer dining yet? Let me know about your outdoor furniture finds and your thoughts on mine below.

Happy heatwave all.