Destination Cool - My vintage bus blinds arrive home

Now you know I like a pun and I'm afraid this one is unavoidable. As far as cool vintage up-cycling goes, this week I've played a blinder.

Check out my shiny new kitchen and dining room window dressings, made from one big, grubby vintage bus destination blind!

Full length roman blind made from vintage bus destination blind

Full length roman blind made from vintage bus destination blind

And get this; all the destinations featured on the blinds are within an approximate three mile radius of my home. I mean it's not quite a hop on, hop off whistle stop tour of my life, but it's close enough.

En-route from kitchen to dining room there's the HQ of the job that got me into the home improvement industry, the market place where I pick up all my vintage treasures, even the football ground where last night my 8 year old signed his first professional contract. (Sorry but I promised him I'd mention it)

I picked up the full roll, measuring 30ft and featuring 60 local destinations with the intention of actually making money instead of spending it for a change. Framed and mounted vintage bus blinds can sell around the £100 mark from cool on-line vintage dealers such as Pedlars. Suddenly I saw pound signs in my eyes and envisaged a little kitchen table industry taking off. It was an easy sell to my financial advisor husband who quickly did the maths and began salivating at the prospect of a 50% return in profits. 

Sadly for him that's where my entrepreneurial journey ended and my vintage bus route took a different, more costly direction.  On recognising that there might not be quite the same international market for destinations such as Sheepridge via Brackenhall as say, Waterloo Via Westminster, I bit the bullet and decided to have completely unique roman blinds made instead. 

Just the ticket for adding a bit of urban edge, with a homely twist though eh?* All aboard the House Candy fun bus passengers, next stop Etsy. Or thereabouts.

Would you want your neighbourhood emblazoned on your windows? Let me know your thoughts below and thank you SO much for the lovely comments on my last post, you have truly made my week!

*Eh? Is the Yorkshire equivalent of the modern "no?" rhetoric style questioning frequently voiced on bus route 332 from Marsden to Elland via Salendine Nook.