Warm feet and hot dresses

My House Candy Advent

Day 3

Behind the door today, my hard grafting builder and plumber are busy installing the underfloor heating system on a Sunday. Now if you like that kind of thing you'll want to know that it's powered by hot water, not electricity. That there's 700m of piping going in and that it's a Nu-Heat system, which House Candy Andy has famously pledged "can't go wrong". There are some basic deets on my Instagram stories but, y'know. It's plumbing. I'd struggle to make it sound fun.

In other news, my new Pearl Lowe Christmas dress has arrived and suddenly, I feel the need for mistletoe. 

The  Betty  dress by Pearl Lowe

The Betty dress by Pearl Lowe

I've been massively influenced by Pearl Lowe's vintage cool in my home over the years. I adore her amazing use of pattern and texture, her effortlessly layered look that is nonchalantly luxurious. Lace, silks and velvets all feature in her home, adding a soft, feminine edge that feels like a feast for the senses, but never screams for attention. 

When I was searching for inspiration for my dream kitchen at the start of this extension project, I came across this stunner by DeVol that summed up the vibe I wanted for my own home, perfectly.

My Dream Frome Kitchen by  DeVol

My Dream Frome Kitchen by DeVol

Further research revealed it was, of course, designed by Pearl Lowe for her and husband Danny Goffey's dreamy country home. 

Whilst I couldn't have the handmade kitchen (sigh) I have figured out a really easy way to bring a vintage rock and roll vibe to my home in time for Christmas...

I'll wear it. 

Pearl recently launched her capsule Christmas collection of vintage-inspired dresses and I instantly fell in love.

Right now I could get really freakin' stressy about Christmas. We have nowhere to cook. There are rooms that would by now be tastefully decorated that are piled high with boxes and furniture. We appear to be bleeding money and we all look a bit vitamin deficient after too many takeaways.

I would have happily cancelled Christmas this year and then I saw Pearl's party dresses and remembered what it feels like to be a kid.  

Christmas isn't about envy-inducing decorations or perfect instagrammable trees, I'm sure you already know that, but it's taken me a while.

Christmas is about pulling on your best party frock and having a big old family gathering. It's about kisses under the mistletoe and board games on the floor. 

If the house is still a tip come December 25th, so be it. I'm still dressing up for it.

I struggled to choose just one 'perfect Christmas frock" from Pearl's collection because they are all beauties. The black ones are obviously more wearable all year round but I've got black dresses haven't I? This time I wanted a dress that I could only get away with at Christmas.  And what I really loved about the Betty dress, in unashamedly fancy red velvet, is that just like Pearl's interior style, it's SO pretty that it's almost best to leave everything else un-done.

This morning's try on sesh of  Betty  by Pearl Lowe. (I could happily wear nothing else until Christmas!)

This morning's try on sesh of Betty by Pearl Lowe. (I could happily wear nothing else until Christmas!)

There are four beautiful dresses in the Pearl Lowe Christmas range. All available online at www.pearllowe.co.uk

If I could have one of each, I probably would.

Back to the build and yes, the underfloor heating is happening, which I've been persuaded into having due to the size of the new kitchen/dining area and my reluctance to give up wall space for radiators. Apparently, the dog will thank me for it, as will barefoot revellers in this new family party kitchen we're creating. Perfect for board games on the floor then? I best stock up on Quality Street.

Claire x