The No-brainer BOGOF Bar Stools

Day Eighteen

Jeez, bar stools are expensive aren't they? I need four and hadn't planned on this being a big budget allocation. Doh! I trawled the internet but every modern rustic style I liked cost upwards of £100. Then I stumbled upon these from Next that also cost £100, but for a PAIR.

Hudson Bar stools £99, per pair

Hudson Bar stools £99, per pair

In House Candy Maths that means they are buy one get one free or BOGOF - always a welcome turn of phrase at this time of year. 

I'll let you know if they are actually a bargain, or whether I should have saved harder when they arrive on Friday. It will be House Candy Andy's last day at work and I'm anticipating me and him perching on a pair of these for a well-earned beer before he clocks off for Christmas. That's if he hasn't told me to BOGOF of course. Also a strong possibility.

Claire x

Next Stop Christmas

Bonfire night is so last week. I like it, don't get me wrong. I love the sparklers and the parkin and it's genuinely not until the 50th banger has gone off in my neighbourhood, sending my Lhasa Apso into yet another yapping fit, that I start looking forward to the end of bonfire night and the automatic igniting of Christmas.

But that touch paper is now lit. My thoughts have turned to locating the perfect Nordic Spruce and I do not want to see another whizzy, bangy (and please not squeely) firework until New Year.

As you may well have predicted, decorating the house for Christmas is a big deal at House Candy HQ and I'm always on the lookout for new ideas to bring the JOY.

Noel letters £60

Noel letters £60

My letter box is already heaving with the bulge of Christmas catalogues and I am eager to take a peak at what decorative treats Christmas 2016 has in store. Today's offering came from Next and it got my festive feels off to a flier. 

Every year Next delivers one or two pieces that could easily be mistaken for designer. As I thumbed through the Christmas fashion today, I couldn't help folding corners of pages bearing such high end copycats as red velvet platform ankle boots and quilted animal print handbags. Luxe winter boho was also temptingly well represented with a multi-printed tie neck dress that looks straight off the runway. It would be very easy to get distracted, but let us just focus on the homewares shall we?

Next is always one of my go-tos for a quick, on trend update that won't break the bank. This Christmas they've got all interior trend angles covered ... and then sprinkled them with glitter. Here are my favourite festive picks so far:

1) No brainer neon

Red led heart light £35

Red led heart light £35

White LED Love sign £50  Next

White LED Love sign £50 Next

Well LED lights actually but at £35 and £50 respectively, these are the perfect entry level light up signage. Agree?

2) Infinity and beyond lights

Infinity arrow light £55  Next

Infinity arrow light £55 Next

These infinity lights will be a sell out, I am sure of it. Personally I'd prefer to splash £55 on this beauty that can be used all year round than invest in the life size LED nodding reindeer that my kids are swaying towards, but hey, apparently they are the experts in this department. 

3) Gold trees

Gold tree £100  Next

Gold tree £100 Next

Gold is the new black where Christmas trees are concerned. Okay so it looks a bit like a real one in January after a month of central heating abuse, but teamed with these coloured berry LED fairy lights in an oh-so-trendy dark painted room and you've got one achingly hip bauble hanger.

Coloured berry lights £28  Next

Coloured berry lights £28 Next

4) Festive furs

Present stocking £12  Next

Present stocking £12 Next

Now I'm not one for a festive cushion. I do not have a Christmas table cloth, nor a saucy santa pinny to cook my turkey in (sigh). However, I'm strangely drawn to this blush pink faux fur velvet stocking with gold effect sequin trim. Santa come hither...

5) Christmas bunting (I know, Christmas bunting FFS!)

I almost couldn't include this on the basis of it epitomising the very category of Christmas decoration that by rights should be banned ...  and yet...

Christmas bunting £12  Next

Christmas bunting £12 Next

Pretty innit? Like it's been written with a sparkler.

So that's the seal broken. I've placed my first Xmas mail order and any minute now I'll have popped my first mince pie and choked on the stench of a cheap cinnamon infused candle. 

What catalogues have got you excited for Christmas? Do you go all out to deck the halls or does the idea of trimming up fill you with dread? Like it or not, Christmas is coming and your letter box will not let you forget it! Let me know your thoughts in the comments section, I'll crack open the mulled wine in anticipation.

Claire x





from the sublime to the ridiculous - Maid marilyn and the merry men

If there's one thing you can't accuse my interior style of, it is boring. Confused? Yes. Boring? No.

It feels like now, more than ever, I am constantly on the look out for new ways to add interest; to perk up poky corners; to style up a sideboard. This might result in a more eclectic scheme than is absolutely advisable, but what the hell. At least it's not dull. 

It puzzles me when c'lebs big-up boring. When they boast about liking nothing more than box sets and bee keeping. Being boring is a novelty to superstars of course. When they're not being papped in their PJs buying custard creams, they are playing to sell out crowds at Wembley, or walking catwalks in Milan. Not so for the rest of us. For the rest of us, boring really is boring.

Marilyn Monroe was clearly not one of those pro-boring A listers. In fact here she is as my latest poster girl coveting my favourite style memo.

Marilyn Monroe framed poster £30

Marilyn Monroe framed poster £30

Ridiculous is how I'd describe some of my most favourite house purchases. In most cases, these are the pieces that have given my home a unique personality, for not a lot of cash.

This post-holiday week, burdened with the boringness of going back to the regular routine, I'm even more keen than usual to throw in a few house candy curve balls to keep us all on our toes. You know, stuff that makes the husband stop in his tracks half way up the stairs and go..."What the f**k? that's RIDICULOUS!"

Each day I will post some of my more ridiculous purchases. With any luck some of them might give you inspiration and make you go, "Oooh that's a good idea, I never thought of that..."

Others will just stop you in your tracks and make you go, "What the f**k?" 

Well it would be boring if we all liked the same thing wouldn't it? 

Anyway, here's today's offering. A set of vintage Toby Jugs purchased for £1 each from the charity shop and my current favourite hats in which to stuff a few Spring blooms.

We've got Robin Hood on the left and, although the other one's not marked, let's go with The Sheriff of Nottingham on the right. Ridiculous yes? Or at the very least, un-boring.

Want your own Merry Men? The Beatles oughta rock things up a notch. These actual pot heads aren't from the swinging sixties but still qualify as vintage and are currently on Ebay for a hefty £350. Oh but John Lennon with daisy in his hair.... Imagine....

Royal Doulton Beatles Toby Jug set £350

Royal Doulton Beatles Toby Jug set £350

Like the quirkiness, but can't bring yourself to own a Toby Jug? It's completely understandable. A more fashionable option is this crazy cool baby's head plant pot from Mia Fleur

Baby's Head plant pot £9.95 From  Mia Fleur

Baby's Head plant pot £9.95 From Mia Fleur

I would so love to hear about any of your more ridiculous purchases. In fact, how about I show you mine and you show me yours? Now there's a game one should never get bored of.

Ooooh this week's feeling better already. Happy Monday y'all 

Claire x

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