Introducing The Inbetweeners kitchen

Day 6

Deep down I'm a pleaser. I may give off an air of I'll-do-what-I-want-thank-you-very-much, but actually, I'm happiest when we're all happy. In interior design terms this means occasionally (VERY occasionally) I have to take one for the team.

The Newbury midnight kitchen by Magnet 

The Newbury midnight kitchen by Magnet 

Our kitchen got delivered today and whilst I am really, really, really, really happy with it, I'd like to put on record that this is a team kitchen. If I had my way, it would have been handmade to my exact school girl sketches. It would be part fitted kitchen, part freestanding vintage units. There would open shelving, a lot of glass and a lot of brass. 

Thing is, ALL my boys pleaded for modern. Having never paid an ounce of interest in our interior choices, they suddenly developed very clear-cut ideas of what their dream kitchen looked like ...  and it was nothing like mine. As well as the boys, there was also the small matter of the purse strings and the builder's timescales to please. To cut a long story short, I was frogmarched to Magnet and told to leave my sketchbook behind.

Luckily, Magnet's newest kitchen technology direct from their expert German boffins has been applied to a traditional kitchen concept. The Newbury is a soft-closing, internally lit, slab, in-frame door. It's neither super modern or wholesomely traditional - more of an inbetweener if you like. It's a crowd pleaser of a kitchen, just like me ;)


The Newbury kitchen comes in grey, white and most recently midnight (ours). I allowed the boys their modern bendy tap (no boiler tap mind) and I got my Carerra marble-esque white grained granite. 

Installation day is tomorrow when House Candy Andy has persuaded a very busy joiner to "Stay until it's finished." He drives a hard bargain does HCA, whereas clearly, I'm quite the pushover??

So Whadyathink? I am absolutely loving this regular dialogue we've struck up and your genuine concern for our family Christmas. It's OK people, I will get them a tree this weekend, I promise. I may even give them a branch to decorate since I'm feeling so accommodating.

Hope to see you tomorrow for installation day.

Claire x