The Posh Push is ON. Are you?

If I was a Spice Girl, I would have been Posh. In fact, when I got married a few months after Victoria Beckham, wearing a not dissimilar gold satin gown, tiara perched atop my spiky cropped hair do, I earned the moniker Posh Price and I think my husband would agree that I've done the title proud. 

Queen VB showing us how to Spice up your bath

Queen VB showing us how to Spice up your bath

I've always had aspirations of grandeur, even when stuck with a student budget because; fortune or fiver, I believe you should spend your hard-earned cash wisely. Well, don't you?

So flying the flag for Luxury Blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards this year feels a bit like a homecoming. I actually believe this is where I was heading all along. Here's where I can write, to my heart's content, about the stuff I adore - beautiful, aspirational homewares that quite frankly send me gaga.

I'm also the one to show you how a five-pound charity shop scoop can be styled to look like a designer gem. Remember VB's Gucci-esque LBD that was actually M&S? You can totally do the same with House Candy, you've just got to know what to look for.

So as the closing date for votes in the Interior Blog Awards approaches (15th September to be precise) I am required to do one last push for your votes and I wanted to make it a posh one.

See, posh is where it's at people. Luxe is everywhere and (luckily) at every price point in the interior design market. You no longer need VB's bank balance to bag a super expensive look for your home. Instead, it's about being style savvy with your spending and it's my job to show you how.

If I make it through to the shortlist and therefore into the territory of Serious Blogger Status, I will be committed to bringing you the very best in:

  • Top drawer interior House Candy worth investing in.
  • High-end designer trends that we can translate into even the most modest of abodes.
  • Vintage accessorizing and cheeky up cycles to give your home that luxury eclectic vibe, even on a shoestring budget.

Fashion Bunnies*, I need your vote like Victoria Beckham needs her Birkins. PLEASE, in the name of Girl Power will you do me the honour of casting me your vote? Simply click the following link if you too love your House Candy:

Thank you so much for your support. If you don't hear from me after the shortlist is announced please assume I've run away to join a girl band. I'll be the one wearing the pout.

Claire xxx

*Copyright of Queen Victoria Beckham and never, ever to be used by me again. Promise.

Tickled pink with Interior blog awards nomination


The Candy Files - What's hot, what's not and what's what at my place.

This week...

House Candy = Pink & perky


Voting is now open for this year's Interior Blog Awards, hosted by gorgeous interiors brand Amara and it is with rosy cheeks and puckered lips that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for my nomination. 

I am totally bowled over to be in the Best Design Inspiration category and up against some ridiculously cool brands and actual journos-turned-superbloggers... I know right.

Voting is open throughout August when I will be ramping up my output here on the blog and bringing you more design inspiration than you can fill a vintage cadillac with. 

Starting today with a tickled pink inspired Candy Files, dedicated entirely to the colour of my latest crush.

I am officially obsessed with PINK.  

This thing with pink started back in Easter when I bought a pink trouser suit and realised after years of failing at any Kings Road style camel colours, THIS was a nude that actually suited me. Mine was from Next and is now sold out but Top Shop's new range proves the trend is good for Autumn/Winter too.

Pink trouser suit £100

Pink trouser suit £100

It got me me thinking, if pink works with fair skin and freckles, then maybe it works in other places it shouldn't too. Like doors for example. 


Or beds that aren't for grannies or baby girls.


Even boys can love pink!' s luscious lazy linen is similar to this.

Even boys can love pink!'s luscious lazy linen is similar to this.

Also on Floors.


This blush pink thick pile sheepskin is a vintage find but  has a large selection of pretty pink rugs.

This blush pink thick pile sheepskin is a vintage find but has a large selection of pretty pink rugs.

From palest blush to shocking fuscia, this month's Elle Decoration has hailed pink the hue of the moment and I'll happily drink to that.

Fine and Candy = Pink drinks

Always appropriate in summer, at weddings or on random Tuesday's when you get an actual IBA nomination. Pink champagne is the essence of this shade; all girly and giggly and glow inducing. 

So fond of pink bubbles am I, that I've taken to drinking them in dainty little vintage beakers, featuring... well whatdyaknow... more pink bubbles. Hic.

Pink spotty tumblers - find similar on ebay.

Pink spotty tumblers - find similar on ebay.

On the subject of pink bubbles, I'm wondering if they are also to blame for this retro blown glass lamp shade which I fell for at the skip shop yesterday. 

Flamingo lamp perhaps?

Flamingo lamp perhaps?

Does this trouble you? Follow me on Instagram to watch its reincarnation into sassy plant holder.... or something.

Candy Pandy = Pinky Promise

Like when you SAY you're gonna vote for me in the Amara Interior Blog Awards and then you never quite get round to it and all the other amazing bloggers get shortlisted and go to The Ham Yard for the glitzy award ceremony and I get to stay on my sofa with a cheap bottle of pink fizz to drown my sorrows.

Look, I scrub up REALLY well and nobody EVER in the history of my home town has been to a blog awards, never mind one about creating cool houses and, and well I'm 41 FFS. If it doesn't happen now, when will it happen? 

Seriously, my dad is getting impatient. He wants all the money he invested in my university education back and is threatening to find me a real job.

My kids are also breathing down my neck: "Believe in your dreams," I said, "You can be anything you want to be," I said. "Go on then," they said.

"Oh, alright."

You are the only people who can change this situation people. The power is in your fingertips. All you have to do is click on this link:


And help me be that blogger from Brighouse who blagged her way to The Ham Yard with all the cool brands and the top bloggers. I mean, wow, if you really want to see someone blush. 

Do you?

Claire x

PS If you share this post you will also get put into the draw to win a weekend at my fave seaside hideaway as per my previous post .. because - and let's just be clear on this - I am NOT above bribery. Not yet.