My Top 100 Time Has Come

If I get run over by a bus tomorrow, please let it be known that I died happy. Today I, Claire Louise Price, aged forty two and one month made my first Top 100 list.

My shiny new badge and proof that I'm a bona fide member of a bona fide  Top 100 Club

My shiny new badge and proof that I'm a bona fide member of a bona fide Top 100 Club

It's not the Sunday Times Top 100 Rich List 'cos as I keep telling you, I'm not about the dollar. It's not FHM's Top 100 Sexiest Women of the Year (no sweat, still time). No, today my friends, My House Candy has made it into the Top 100 list of Interior Design Bloggers for New House Builders - global I might add. Not bad for a 5ft 3 freckle face from West Yorkshire hey? This is huge news at House Candy HQ. HUGE NEWS. Here's why:

1) I am listed with the good and the great of the Interior Bloggersphere, sneaking in by a pointy toed, leopard print pump at Number 93. Check out all the big hitters here

2) Position 93 gives me a much greater chance of moving up, rather than down, this list next year. And by the way, there's way more than 100 of us in this game I'll have you know.

3) I'd begun to wonder if my base in the suburbs of the West Yorkshire suburbs (where not a lot gets launched besides the odd canal boat) may put me at a geographical disadvantage. Nope.

4) New House Builders are an audience I'd never really considered before and it turns out I have so much to offer - including a passion for show home styling as it happens:-) If you want to collaborate please DM me here:

5) It proves to my kids that it pays to be yourself - which is by far the biggest and best lesson blogging has taught me. 

I mean, just look at what they've said about me (all by themselves, no bribery or corruption required) .... 

"Writer, mother, and design enthusiast Claire Price is the voice behind "My House Candy", a unique style-heavy website that's all about delivering the most beautiful images and ideas across the web to a vast collection of readers. Unlike many other bloggers, Claire uses her website to help her tell a story of what she thinks design should be. Everything she shares, from pictures of flowers, to a look at a vintage vase is designed to give an insight into her own personal feelings when it comes to life and beauty." Vision One Homes' Top 100 Bloggers for New Home Builders

So what a bloody great start to the week today turned out to be. I've got myself a nice new blog badge to display, I came 4th in the mum's race at sports day despite a controversial false start and I'm buzzing with with a renewed commitment to keep on baring my soul to the world via the suspect medium of House Candy. Boys, this calls for mint Vienetta for pud. Extra cream.

Happy New Week all, get out there and do your 'ting,

Claire xx