Time to Gucci your Garden Game

Botanical inspired prints have long been a favourite of mine, but I'm acutely aware of the danger for this trend to slip into twee territory. 

Trust Gucci then to provide me with a masterclass in modern botanicals as I flew past Harrods' window on Saturday, attempting to land my eldest son some new trainers. 

Unable to locate the elusive Office store via Google Maps, George and I were treated to a whistle stop tour of the amazing Gucci Garden window display not once, not twice, but FOUR times. Apologies are due to the many tourists, shoppers and residents around London's most iconic shopping destination, whose toes I stepped on, bags I knocked and heads I bumped as I raced along during our 20-minute shopping window, heavily distracted by Harrods' garden of cultivated couture.

Gucci Garden is designer Alessandro Michele's theme for the 2017 Cruise Collection, inspired by the enchanting Garden of Ninfa, near Rome.  Featuring vibrant florals, logos and symbols of the House, this is botanical beauty as we've never seen it before. Whilst the dreamy dresses aren't exactly something I could rock up wearing on the school run, I'm totally inspired to bring this outdoor theme indoors. My sources tell me a Gucci interiors range is set to launch in September (I KNOW!!!) but in case you can't wait for that or need to nab the look for less, here's some ideas to capture the Gucci Garden getup at home:

1) Creature discomforts

Flamingos and zebras are both animals you can imagine strolling round a Gucci Garden and of course I'm totally on board with that. But all is not rosy here, for this enchanted land has a proverbial sting in its tail. To nail the look, update your creature inspired accessories with venomous snakes, precious bees and vicious wild cats.

L to R: Garden of Eden cushion £164 Roberto Cavalli at Amara, Beautiful bird cushion £32 by May Rose Vintage on Etsy, Leopard lampshade £30 May Rose Vintage as before, Gold bumble bee cushion £35 Perch and Parrow

She is famed for her pets but now Abigail Ahern has added some pests to her latest accessories collection and basically folks, if she says ants are cool, I'm happy for a nest of 'em.  

Gold ants £45  Abigail Ahern

Gold ants £45 Abigail Ahern

2) Walls of wonder

If Gucci has the monopoly on vibrant florals in the fashion world, Designer's Guild has it for interiors. Here are just a few of my favourite bold botanicals that are totally in sync with Alessandro Michele's fashion thinking.

L to R Amrapali Peony, Jardin des Plantes, Canopy and Cristian Lacroix wallpapers, all Designers Guild.

3) Fantastical furniture

Timorous Beasties and Blackpop UK are brands to know for fabulous fabrics that transform traditional furniture into works of art that are anything but twee. It's worth knowing that their websites also have some ready made pieces that rock the Garden of Delights theme too. Look for butterfly and hummingbird motifs to be Gucci symbol savvy.

Random Ruskin Khaki Armchair Timorous Beasties

Random Ruskin Khaki Armchair Timorous Beasties

Vintage sofa by  Blackpop UK

Vintage sofa by Blackpop UK

So getting back to my wild goose chase in search of trainers for my son last Saturday... there was always a fear we'd get lost, being as we're such out of towners and all, but if I can recommend getting lost anywhere, I'd definitely say do it at Harrods ever changing window displays on Brompton Road. Be quick if, like me, your garden game needs Gucci-ing (Totally a thing, trust me).


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Many, many thanks.

Claire xx  


Maximum respect

So it's Day 4 of my Ridiculous Blogging Adventure. Are you caught up yet? (Scroll down the last few posts for deets)

As I near the end of my whirlwind war against boringness, I'm looking for inspiration to push the interior boundaries. Ref: celebrated American interior designer Iris Apfel.

Interior, fashion designer and business woman Iris Apfel for Alexander McQueen

Interior, fashion designer and business woman Iris Apfel for Alexander McQueen

This Queens born broad was appointed to design interiors for nine US Presidents, presumably resulting in a series of White Houses that were anything but white. 

Maximum respect Grandma. I mean, if I can get away with a six foot Ostrich statue in my lounge when I'm your age I'll be giving myself a fist pump. In the meantime, a Matthew Williamson ostrich feathered lamp might just have to do* 

*Sighs longingly.

Ostrich feathered lamps feature heavily in Matthew Williamson's maximalist home. His new furniture range launches in Harrods soon.

Ostrich feathered lamps feature heavily in Matthew Williamson's maximalist home. His new furniture range launches in Harrods soon.

All this plumage makes my recent parrot cage purchase seem far from ridiculous. It's another second hand market steal that I bundled in through the back door hoping to escape the prying eyes of the neighbours. (Believe me, they've seen enough).

They can keep the ASBO on hold however, because lucky for them I have no plans to start up an aviary. Instead the cage is my pretty new plant stand. What do you think?

Tada! Second hand metal parrot cage £30. Selection of real and faux plants models own :D

Tada! Second hand metal parrot cage £30. Selection of real and faux plants models own :D

Like most things in my place, this is work in progress. The ideal scenario involves a lot more trailing ivy, and some pretty leafy ferns. But you get the drift.

Here's more inspiration from Pinterest, this time featuring actual birds. Ridiculous concept for a bird cage, right?

IMG_0623 (2).jpg

Of course this is all very boho - the cornerstone of maximalism - but it's also a really easy way to group together leafy greens to make a much bigger and more striking statement. 

Smaller versions are effective too, but be sure to look for trailing plants that will spill out through the wire bars. I tried it with some cactuses and it just looked pants.

What do you think? I reckon Iris (who in my head was deffo in Marilyn's squad back in the day) would definitely approve.

#Teamridiculous or #teamboring. Which squad are you?

Drop me a line with your thoughts.