The Candy Files: It's hip to be happy

What's hot, what's not and what's what at my place.

This Week:

House Candy = Happy Hues

Since I fell in love with this bright yellow SMEG fridge my white kitchen feels like a boiled egg without the yolk. 

Yellow SMEG refrigerator £993  John Lewis

Yellow SMEG refrigerator £993 John Lewis

Encounters with the fridge are rarely happy ones in my house. Unless I open the door to find someone has stocked the whole thing with Pino Grigio, its contents are unlikely to raise a smile. And as it's built into the plain white kitchen units, it's not that exciting on the outside either. 

This fridge will change all that. This fridge is sunshine on a rainy day, a bunch of daffs in the fist of a five year old, a slice of lemon in a G&T.  This fridge is a happy fridge, FACT. 

Fine and Candy = Happy Muse

Fearne Cotton: A model, a baker, a happiness maker

Fearne Cotton: A model, a baker, a happiness maker

Fearne Cotton is one happy lady. She's a happy mum, happy wife, happy cook, happy celebrity and all-round happy business woman. But before you happily bop her on her contented little nose, know this: Fearne has her down days too. In fact, Fearne had so many down days, all back to back in a well hidden period of anxiety and depression, that she has written a book about her experiences and those of her friends; encouraging us to let go of perfection and find happiness in the simplest of everyday situations.

As a big Fearne fan (girl crush aside, her Cook Happy, Cook Healthy book has totally changed my relationship with food) I bought her self-help book Happy out of curiosity more than anything else. And do you know what? I'm happy I did. 

Happy  by Fearne Cotton £6.99 Amazon

Happy by Fearne Cotton £6.99 Amazon


Candy Pandy = Happy Ruse

The thing not to do is to pretend to be happy when you're really NOT.

If you're feeling like you need to permanently fake a smile and it's all getting too much, then Ruby Wax has a message for you. "It's OK not to be OK" is the strap-line to her brilliant Frazzled Cafe drop in centres, currently running in London and soon to be rolled out at selected locations throughout the UK.  If you think you will benefit from a safe, anonymous and non-judgemental place to talk, or just to meet other fellow frazzlers (4 in 4 of us feel overwhelmed by the stresses of modern life)* register your interest to attend a local talk-in centre here

Well that's my head straightened out. Last week's atrocities in London still make me sad to the core but we can't let them win now, can we? 

Claire xx

*That'll be all of us then. Stat from