When Beer Drinking Got Beautiful (& the only thing your fella really wants for Father's Day)

Go on, admit it. The Paul Smith socks, the All Saints t-shirt, the retro vinyl... they're the kind of Father's day gifts you'd like your other half to have on his Father's Day gift list. Truth is, a lie in, a pub lunch (preferably one with a kid friendly beer garden) and a stash of rare craft beers.... THAT is the way to Pappa's heart people. And I think secretly, you know it.

The Vintage Beer sign that's heading for the soon to be fully stocked House Candy Man Cave

The Vintage Beer sign that's heading for the soon to be fully stocked House Candy Man Cave

One thing you might not know however, is the new movement afoot in the beer scene. Beer drinking is cool again. Of course I'm not talking about supping a four pack of Heineken from the corner shop on cards night. I'm talking about the Craft Beer Revolution that has seen the birth of passionate independent breweries, lovingly producing speciality ales in cool cans worth collecting. The Dad's (all of them) are mad for it.    

The Canny packaging that has made beer drinking cool again. Image from  Crafty Beer Cans

The Canny packaging that has made beer drinking cool again. Image from Crafty Beer Cans

Craft ale is about experimentation, exploration and education in that most basic of manly pleasures; beer drinking. It's not beer snobbery, oh no! These fellas enjoy an ice cold San Miguel with the best of 'em. But they've been there, done that and bought the stag do t-shirt. They're ready to broaden their beer drinking horizons and okay - they want to be able to hold their own in the current hot topic of barbecue season. 

If you're still finding it hard to understand, think of it this way; To most blokes, opening the fridge to a neatly stacked array of rare world beers, is akin to you browsing Sarah Jessica Parker's shoe cupboard. Choice is the ultimate luxury.

Father's Day #BeerGoals by  Crafty Beer Cans

Father's Day #BeerGoals by Crafty Beer Cans

So where do we start in fulfilling the desires of a new age craft beer connoisseur? To get it bang on, I advise specialist help in the form of brand new online craft ale supplier, Crafty Beer Cans.

Cans are the future you see. Bottles are a bit passe, wheras cans allow for better flavour, colder beer and cooler packaging.

Crafty Beer Cans specialise in carefully selected mixed cases, put together by a small team of beer obsessives whose dream it is to fill finer fridges. Here you can be guaranteed of the latest launches and coolest cans to put a twinkle in daddy's eye come next Sunday (or any Sunday come to think of it). What's more they offer free, speedy delivery with each case, a special Father's Day 12 can selection pack and a £5 off offer code* until midnight on Wednesday 14th June. 

Father's Day 12 pack £34.95  Crafty Beer Cans

Father's Day 12 pack £34.95 Crafty Beer Cans

And if you really want to earn your perfect partner stripes, why not enrol the man in your life in Can Club, where he'll be among the first to learn about new beers, new breweries and inside recommendations.

Girls, we need to embrace this movement. The boys have taken off their beer goggles, and got themselves #BeerGoals. This is progress for their species  - and about as much sophistication as I can hope for since my other half announced he was turning the cellar into a man cave. Sigh.

So put your glamorous Gin drinking on hold (at least until next Sunday) It's time to get the beers in.


Claire x

Roll out the Barrel

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*Enter the code FATHERSDAY5 at checkout to receive £5 off before this Wednesday 14th June.