I live in lovely Yorkshire with my husband, two boys and Betsy the dog.

I write. A lot. I'm no property expert, but I know a bit of House Candy when I see it. I'm also intent on showing the world what my little part of the universe has to offer. So if I come across a lovely shop, a special place or a great little thing of use and beauty, I can't resist the urge to tell you about it.  Especially if it's from Up North, because… well it's colder up here and we all need extra coal for our fires.

Here on the blog I will be sharing with you my weekly House Candy Cravings (that’s the stuff I’m lusting after) and also bring you a roundup of my own personal interior ups and downs - what’s going down well at House Candy HQ, what’s sitting comfortably on my home radar and the stuff that’s really not working for me house-wise.

There will also be lots of fashion inspired postings, trend related finds and even the odd interview.

But it’s all nothing without you! Please share any posts if you find something you like and leave me a comment if you can… it would be really great to hear from you.

Thanks for sharing my journey towards making my space, ace.