My Dirty Half Dozen - Will saloon style wall lights scrub up for the job?

Day 5

I'm bloody freezing. There's no heating or hot water as the screed has been laid above the underfloor heating and we can't turn the heating back on until it's all dried out. Today it feels like there's a mountain to climb before Christmas. In fact, it feels like I'm poised at the foot of Everest, and I forgot my coat.

ANYHOOOO... The best way to avoid panic is to do something positive to progress the situation and today's task is to sort the lighting out.

I need 6 indoor and 6 outdoor wall lights and the expense has way exceeded what I'd put in the budget. Okay okay, so what I did put in the budget I spent on a designer frock to wear on Christmas Day, thanks for reminding me, but GOD I don't regret it. (See day 3 for deets on the dress, it's lush.)

It's little surprise however that House Candy Andy is getting twitchy and since the electrician is coming to put actual real life lights up on Saturday, I see his point. 

Lighting is a BIG deal  - in fact, I'd go as far as to say it will make the new build extension come to life and I don't like rushing it. I love the effect wall lighting has on dictating the mood in a room which is why I went a bit crazy and designed 6 into the one open space. In a dream world, I would have liked to pick and mix from some of my favourite designs found at Graham and Green, Cox and Cox, Habitat and Rockett St George.  I'm still keen on landing a couple of show stopper feature lights in the New Year sales so watch this space. But meanwhile, I've done what I do best to get me out of a sticky financial situation. I got thrifty.

I've sourced half a dozen reclaimed brass lights and etched glass shades from my local reclamation yard. What do you think? 

brass lights.JPG

It's maybe more of a saloon style than I was originally going for, but I'm hopeful that at least vintage lighting will balance out the newness of the kitchen that is coming tomorrow. It isn't the handmade bespoke number I dreamed about and I am concerned it lacks a little bit in character, so I need to add some personality elsewhere.

I managed to get all six of these brass wall lights and shades for £100, which was about the cost of one of the shop bought lights that I'd shortlisted online. 

They go up on Saturday when the kitchen units should also be in situ, so we'll get a better idea of whether Wild West saloon-style works in West Yorkshire. In the meantime, it's a night in with a tin of Brasso for me. I'm even doing the whole vinegar and water thing to get the shades sparkling. It's not just an old wives tale is it?

Please let me know what you think to my bargain lights in the comments section. (Just bear in mind that the cold is making me hyper-sensitive to criticism though, won't you?)

Claire x