An identity crisis saved my style, so I threw a fashion party

Two months after filling my house full of fashion and interiors luvvies and I’m still on a styling high.

My dressing room all ready for the house tour

My dressing room all ready for the house tour

Back in March I teamed up with my favourite local independent clothes shop, Moo Boutique Yorkshire, to host a fashion show and house tour, having recently refurbished my home and launched my home styling service. 

I’d regularly had chats with Moo’s owner, Ness, over the dressing room curtain, trying on garments whilst discussing my blog and musing over social media and its confusing hold on us all. We both agreed on loving it for its inspiration and sense of community and we also shared our concerns over its impact on individuality, town centre sustainability and mental health. (Well I had a LOT of clothes to try on, okay?) 

Whilst Instagram is a great tool for appreciating the style of others, trying to emulate someone else’s look, or comparing your own to a stranger’s can be dangerous territory. Nothing beats actual human interaction for finding out what suits you and makes you feel the best version of yourself.  And this applies to styling your home as much as it does yourself. So Ness and I came up with the idea of getting the girls round for a fun night involving lots of Prosseco and ALL of the style chats covering interiors (me) and fashion (Ness). 

When Moo Boutique X My House Candy do catering… Cupcakes by  Sweetcakes

When Moo Boutique X My House Candy do catering… Cupcakes by Sweetcakes

Anyone can host a Moo Boutique Yorkshire fashion event, you don’t need to be a blogger or a business. You do need to tolerate high pitch squealing however. Especially now that Ness has brought unique brands such as Silvan Heach and Sophie Schnoor to our attention … and then dangles them like fat juicy carrots in your very own living room.

Moo Boutique pop up shop at my house

Moo Boutique pop up shop at my house

In fact my whole new kitchen extension was turned into a cool pop up shop for the evening, with a huge rail of clothes containing samples of each item available in store. We poured over the riot of colour and pattern that is Spring/Summer ’19 (quickly making me realise hoe much I needed to inject this vibe into my home). 

And whilst excitement mounted for the mini fashion show, I took full advantage of the love in the room to introduce my fledgling styling business and my desire to help people nurture and nail their own unique style identities through their home decor choices. 

In renovating my own house, I learned so much about my personal style and recognised how much of it I’d sacrificed at the hands of social media. I’d acquired “stuff” that looked good in other people’s homes, that had potential to generate likes from total strangers. I’d somehow lost touch with what made me tick, caring instead about what might do it for my followers. In short, I’d lost my style mojo and I had to go right back to basics to find it again.  Through a process of editing, more than accumulating, I got my creativity and sense of identity back so that it truly felt like a home that brought out the best in all of us.  It is this lesson that I feel able to offer to others through My House Candy Home Styling service. 

I used to happily jump on the “Ban the Beige’ interior bandwagon, but now I recognise that we’re all different. Some of us like dark, some of us like light. Some go for clashing colour and print, others are more reserved. AND THAT”S OKAY! It would be a really boring world if we all decorated our homes in the same style. I wouldn’t recommend you paint your sideboard bright pink (like I did) no more than I’d suggest you buy a ruffled micro mini, just because it’s having a fashion moment. 

What is important is that we understand what brings out the best in us and fully celebrate our identities through the way we communicate style. Both in the way we dress our homes and the way we dress ourselves. 

This turning point in my personal style meant that I no longer wanted the latest dress or the sell out shoes. I wanted a look that was 100% about me and therefore felt as good as it looked. It was about being comfortable in my own skin and dressing to please nobody but myself. I realised it was the personal items that I had sourced from small independent stores and even flea markets that communicated my true aesthetic and made my home unique. It suddenly became important to me to  nurture my unique fashion style too. 

So back to the Moo Boutique Frow that was happening in my own front room…


Four of Ness’s real life customers, spanning all age ranges did a very professional job of modelling a selection of the latest summer looks available at Moo Boutique Yorkshire. And once we’d eyed up the styles we fancied, we all dived back into the rails, trying on as much as we liked in the comfort of my downstairs loo, but with the added bonus of a bunch of mates waiting on to let us know which of the goodies were keepers. 

So if your idea of clothes parties is a bit old school… a bit tupperware party without the stacking plastic boxes…. please think again.

A Moo Boutique Yorkshire fashion party is a great excuse to get the girls round. To get honest, friendly fashion advice. To support a local business. To celebrate your own real life community. And to get inspired about nurturing your own unique style. Not a stranger’s on a grid.

Sometimes we need someone behind the curtain, letting us know that what we are feeling on the inside is working on the outside too. Sometimes we need someone (and The Moo Crew are good at this) to tell us that our legs are bloody gorgeous, actually, that we can rock the silk floral playsuit that we never dared to try and these wedges-of-dreams will prove it. 

Style is as personal as you are. It can’t be bought, it can only be nurtured. And no matter how cool or expensive the wallpaper is, or how coveted the must-have jumpsuit is… it won’t look or feel just right unless it suits your individuality.

Please drop me a line if you need help nailing a room you’ve lost the plot with, or want to add the finishing touches to a scheme that’s missing something, but you’re not sure what.

Or if all you want to fill your room with is your favourite people and tons of gorgeous clothes, pop in and see Ness about hosting your own Moo Boutique Yorkshire party at your home or business. It can also be a brilliant fundraising event with 100% of ticket sales donated to your chosen charity. 

I don’t know about you but I think I can feel a fresh style #MOOvement in the making and, zero apologies for the pun,  it feels so much better than following the herd.

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