The family that bathes together, stays together (said nobody ever)

I'm literally bossing at bathroom design having smashed out three completely different schemes in the space of a week. House Candy Andy is back with bells on and he wants to know where I want my pipes putting, (which I must admit, isn't something I'd ever given much thought to).

I have now. In fact, if you'll excuse the pun, I've become quite anal about it.  

Take the downstairs loo for instance. It's now a corner of the new boot room entrance and will be used to wash muddy football studs almost as frequently as it will to wash hands. Glamour has therefore quite literally gone out of the window. I'm going for a rustic wash house look and hoping to utilise the old butlers sink that came out of the outbuilding before that got demolished.

A bit of utility chic here and there is a great way to stretch the budget and for once I'm pleased to say House Candy Andy is thoroughly on board with a make-do-and-mend approach. There has even been talk of him making taps out of copper pipes which I kid you not excited me more than anything else on the project so far. 

Utility chic wins for the boot room bathroom 

Utility chic wins for the boot room bathroom 

Toilets, on the other hand, do not fill me with joy, but this week I did learn to give a crap about where they go. Different models need to be positioned in different places, see. You can't go buying bogs willy-nilly. It requires thought, which is why bathroom brochures are now the reading material of choice in our little boys and girls' room. 

Upstairs I've had my design wings clipped a little in the girly en-suite powder room I was blissfully creating. The black marble sink top I had made for my old downstairs loo was going to re-emerge in here, sat upon a new bespoke cabinet. Practically, this hasn't proved to be the best option since it will take up far more floor space than is necessary in a compact room. It saddens me to say it but my first ever attempt at bespoke design could be heading to Ebay to make way for a shop bought freestanding roll top sink instead. Meh! you say?... believe me, only the styling will save it.

My en-suite is my little pamper parlour so I'm going all out Man Repeller in here. I'm taking the opportunity to exercise diva-like design ideas with the basic principle based around keeping all the boys OUT. We're talking pretty wallpaper and vintage mirrors, candles and cut flowers. 

Man-repelling vintage bathroom inspo by

Man-repelling vintage bathroom inspo by

The old family bathroom meanwhile will receive the equivalent of a hormone injection. 

This is soon to be both the little and big boy's room. All of them. See, a neighbour and friend of ours recently told me that separate bathrooms were the key to a happy marriage. With all of us currently sharing the one bathing space, it's fair to say modesty standards have slipped. There's not even a lock on the door FFS. This morning I was happily muti-tasking on the toilet whilst searching for regency style radiators when my husband walked in stark naked for a shower and proceeded to talk me through the Arsenal goals.

This cannot be allowed to continue. My sons cannot grow up thinking that this is acceptable adult behaviour. The boys are therefore receiving a dedicated "Hygiene Space" in which they can gather in force to talk balls to their heart's content. It will be less bohemian free for all, more boy/he/man common room. They can wash their own whiskers down the sink. They can wallow in their own wet towels. Okay, okay, so I'll make it look photo worthy for the interests of the blog, but after that they're on their own. What goes in the boys' room, stays in the boys' room. Unless it looks this cool, then it can be shared with 3 million Pinterest obsessives too.

Shared boys bathroom image courtesy of The Swelle Life

Shared boys bathroom image courtesy of The Swelle Life

So you can see I've had my hands full designing bathrooms. But what a nice problem to have right? If the end result is a home in which we can interfere less with each other's personal space; where we can quite literally be responsible for our own shit, then I feel there's a much better chance of a happy ever after, don't you? 

The family that bathes together, may well stay together, but they'll carry around a little too much information about each other too. 

I'll let you know how we get on.

Claire x