The Candy Files: All hail the Housebrid

What's hot, what's not and what's what at my place. 

It's never been hotter to hybrid. I don't actually think you can call yourself modern if you're not a slick amalgamation of at least two wonderful commodities. 

Take today for example. I write to you wearing a shress with a coatigan ready to throw over when I head out for prinks.

A sassy Shresser if ever I saw one (sadly not me)

A sassy Shresser if ever I saw one (sadly not me)

Style-wise at least, I'm a mixed up multi-tasking machine and I've also noticed it happening in my house. With the extension plans steaming ahead, I've found myself tackling a bit of an interiors identity crisis at home and discovered that, happily, a good hybrid can help. 

House Candy = Modic

Classic modern.jpg

Is it modern? Is it classic? Don't be ridiculous, it's Modic. I'm referring of course to my interiors style which I've been struggling to identify as anything other than complete chaos until I embraced hybrid mode. Now I feel I can belong, happily categorised by my classic features and modern edge. It makes decor decision making so much easier now I've found a niche I can cling to. Design wise, trying to be too many things all at once is both exhausting and complicated. I suggest narrowing down your niche to your two favourite styles and growing your own personal hybrid to help you develop a more coherent kind of eclecticism at home. Here, let me help:

Vintage + industrial = Vindustrial

Dark + edgy = Dedgy

Rustic + Skandi = Randi (Ahhh, now I get what the Hygge hype is all about)

Fine and Candy = Greige

Greige kitchen.jpg

What do you do when grey is too obvious and beige is banned? You go greige, that's what. Far from being basic or boring, Greige has emerged as the sophisticated neutral. Not so fashionable that it will easily date, but well equipped to shirk off any "safe" accusations purely on account of it being a modern hybrid. Genius. See Farrow and Ball's eternally chic Elephants Breath for reference.

Candy Pandy = Kettaps

kettle taps.jpg

It doesn't work as a word (which is why no-one has ever come up with it) and I'm yet to be convinced it works as a concept. These newfangled kettle taps - the ones that produce instant boiling water - I'm concerned they are ruining the art of tea making. I mean, tea breaks are short enough without them being reduced by the amount of time it takes to boil a kettle. I rebelled at the very first mention of them and reverted to a stove top whistling kettle. It's added exactly three minutes onto elevenses which is just enough time for a bit of mid-morning mindfulness - that thing tea breaks were designed for, remember? So I'm refusing to believe my builder who says kettle taps are the future and that I'm mad not to include one in the new kitchen. "It's like the Shoe Boot" I explained, "unnecessary evolution." It's my only other hybrid hiatus. We're all allowed a couple, what are yours?