Get your design-fest feet on

"A thing of beauty is a joy forever” John Keats

Keats totally gets House Candy was my first musing of the day as I stepped out of bed this morning. And as a champion of beautiful design in general, Keats would have loved this week’s London Design Festival too.

Tracey Neuls shearling slippers 

Tracey Neuls shearling slippers 

This is the week when brands, artists and creatives from all sectors of the design world collaborate throughout the city in celebration of their craft.

Whether you’re into architecture, sculpture, interiors or, in fact, shoes there is a design event to get your creative juices flowing. For a full list of events throughout the week, click here. 

Now I’m your typical London tourist and a true urbanite would suss that I’m from out of town way before I flagged down a black cab from the wrong side of the road. I’m the one studying the tube map intently and following google maps around in circles with too many bags and too high a heel.

Yesterday I attempted to do London Design Festival in seven hours. I failed (obviously) and am now home annoyed at my amateurishness, peeved at what I’ve missed out on and stinking of Deep Heat.  

So if you're thinking of tackling the London Design Festival trail this week, can I point you in the direction of Tracey Neuls in Marleybone as a starting reference please? 

Here you can ooh and ahhh at the deliciousness of the beautifully crafted footwear like a true design officianado, (quote a bit of Keats if you fancy, the arty crowd loves that) But you can also purchase footwear that sends out all the right style notes to your fellow design lovers, whilst ensuring the schlep across town is a comfy one. 

Tracey Neuls is a verified haven for the weary design lover, having turned its Marylebone store into a bedroom.

The Tracey Neuls Marleybone bedroom installation for London Design Festival.

The Tracey Neuls Marleybone bedroom installation for London Design Festival.

That’s right, a King Size McQueen bed by British Modern furniture designer Matthew Hilton dominates the space, dressed in finest The Linen Works linen. My favourite Michael Anastassiades lamp for Flos glows through the night as a variety of special guests host “pillow talks” on their favourite topics of design.

Hop on the bed, try on a pair of stunningly beautiful hand made shoes, or get under the covers and take in the dream-scape of floating footwear hanging from the ceiling. The staff in there won’t mind a bit and will even run you through a few not-to-miss Design Festival events if you ask nicely.

Taking pitty on my aching feet, passionate Brand Manager, Jane Howard, was even happy for me to pop on a pair of electric blue shearling slippers whilst she kindly charged my phone. My once beloved River Island buckle ankle boots were killing me and, I realised, not at all up to doing the Design Trail distance. They may have been a joy for last season, but a joy forever they are not. And that’s not a marker of great design is it? John Keats knew it, Tracey Neuls knows it and now Claire Price knows it too.

Next time I do Design Festival darling, I’m wearing these:

Petrol blue patent lace ups, £185  Tracey Neuls.

Petrol blue patent lace ups, £185 Tracey Neuls.

Happy Design Festival all,

Claire x