Why I stopped giving a shit and started giving a shift

My recent attic clearout has had life changing consequences.

Good Vibes only in my vintage styled attic bedroom

Good Vibes only in my vintage styled attic bedroom

I guess it's been on the cards for a while. I've told you before about my constant battle with blogging goals and human conscience. I'm sure I've bored my friends to tears with the constant cycle of "Yay, I love this, it's what I was meant to do.... I'm going to learn how to be great.... then, "Oh wait I'm actually really shit at it and feel like a total fail... then.... you know what, I'm just going to do it for the love and see what happens."  Yeah, yeah. Yawn.

I'm not stopping blogging because I can't stop writing. It would be the equivalent of wiring Alan Carr's jaws up. But I can stop being consumed by social media and letting myself get sucked into a world of constant comparison and unhealthy self obsession ... I think. 

Well anyway I'm about to find out because I'm going on a bit of a digital detox. I want to swap the hours I currently spend scrolling on my phone and invest them into something more worthwhile. So I'm volunteering at the local Oxfam depot.

It was like a scene from Bruce Almighty as I dropped off a car load of stuff from my latest attic clearout whilst contemplating what the future held for a 42 year old mother of 2 with a potential hoarding problem.

The sign caught my eye as I fluffed up my cast-off cushions beside a disgruntled volunteer sifting through bin liners full of dirty tupperware. In BIG, DESPERATE, SHOUTY LETTERS the sign said: "URGENTLY WANTED. Volunteers with a passion for homewares." At first I returned to my car to pretend that I hadn't seen it. The last thing a disorganised procrastinator like me needs is a drain on my spare time, right? And anyway, I had a gym class to attend and a dog to walk. After a bit of soul searching and plenty more insta scrolling, I eventually turned off the phone, turned off the ignition and went back inside to ask the disgruntled volunteer for an application form. I think he wanted to hug me.

So here's where I'm at. I'm applying for a nice little Thursday shift, which hopefully will involve sifting through a lot of junk and uncovering one or two gems that I can then style up, make look pretty and get someone (ideally not me) to buy. That's the plan. My husband of course if fearful that our home will become an orphanage for unloved furniture which I've got to admit, will be my biggest challenge. But hey, If I can save just a little bit of vintage loveliness ending up as landfill, I'll be happy.

So this post was intended to be a kind of heads up to anyone that might be bothered to say that I might not be blogging as much if I get recruited. Or I might even be blogging more and excitedly telling you to get yourselves down to Oxfam, Mirfield for the most amazing 1950s sideboard. Who knows? 

All I know is that it's healthier for me to stop giving a shit about how many likes, shares and follows I get and start giving a shift that involves putting my skills to decent use on the planet. 

Here goes then. Wish me luck, I'm about to fill in an application form for the first time in 15 years! If you want to join me they're after tons more volunteers here.

Claire xx