The Candy Files: International Women's Day Wisdom

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This week

House Candy = International Women's Day Wooping

Woop Woop. My blog just got saved by a friend. A fellow female blogger on the other side of the world (one I'm desperate to meet and scheme out an awesome new business idea with) caught me as I was falling. She stood me back on my feet and without even knowing it, she sent me back out here to spank my #Girlboss goals. Jill, of the beautiful Needs More Cushions blog, I am forever in your debt.

Girls, today we've got some celebrating to do. As a squad we are smashing through every glass ceiling on the planet. In this country alone the top 5 jobs are held by women. In case you didn't already know it, we women kick ass.

Today people are taking to their platforms to pat each other on the back and I want to join in the party, all be it a rushed attempt between school runs and football practice. But I know you'll understand. So...

Happy International Women's Day to every awesome, inspiring, multi-talented, high-achieving, smug faced (did I say that?) sass-on-legs lady I know. And also those I don't. 

And if you are not feeling any of those Woop-Woop-For-Being-A-Woman vibes today then babe, you need to read on.

Fine and Candy = International Women's Day Wobble

Thank you @Zeenews for showing us how to have a breakdown and still look #bae.

Thank you @Zeenews for showing us how to have a breakdown and still look #bae.

Trust me to choose International Women's Day to have a meltdown. It's so typical that on the very day when I'm supposed to feel empowered and fearless I go and let life push me over. It's nothing major, I'm being dramatic, I know (another thing we women boss at) but for an hour or so today all the plates I was spinning got dropped, all the goals seemed impossible, even the ironing basket got me down and trust me when I tell you, I'm not one to let a 3ft pile of laundry get in the way of a good day.

I couldn't even blame all the men in my life for my problems, hard as I tried. It wasn't their fault they were so lazy/disorganised/needy/selfish and therefore eating into my precious time. My youngest son's dodgy kidney wasn't helping the situation, but lots of stronger mothers have dealt with much worse. 

And yet I was ready to chuck in the towel. This despite the barrage of empowering International Women's Day messages I was receiving on socials (thank you gang) and the ironic standard fist pumps I was handing out in return.

Today I experienced what I now recognise as a classic International Women's Day Wobble. (IWDW) And ladies it's fine. It's part of the deal we signed up to when we agreed to be female and awesome. Some days we doubt ourselves beyond belief. Some days we compare ourselves to others and decide we're not good enough. Some days we just need Gin. Wobbles are okay ladies, but as my new fitness Whatsapp group tells me several million times a day, muscle is better. 

Candy Pandy = International Women's Day Weakness

Image (but not attitude) property of Queen Beyonce Knowles

Image (but not attitude) property of Queen Beyonce Knowles

"Okay ladies let's get in formation."

I bet even Beyonce needs reminding she's awesome once in a while. She has fat arse days like the rest of us doesn't she? The difference is she's got a 60million strong girl squad (including Adele) ready to catch her when she falls. 

Girls... mothers... fellow bloggers... interior obsessives... I want us to be there for each other too. Let's connect and build a stronger community that can seriously kick ass. Let's help each other to achieve our dreams. Let's big up each other's strengths so that when all we see is our own weaknesses, we're not tempted to throw in the towel. 

All that I ask is that you share this post with another woman today. Pass on a fist pump from me (a genuine one) and remind them that they are pretty f**king amazing in their own unique way. 

Happy International Women's Day. You bad bitches rock and don't you forget it. 

Claire xx