Open minds and open shelves in the new kitchen

Day Seven

I've made an eleventh-hour amendment to the kitchen design. 

It's okay. House Candy Andy has got his head around it. He blames himself actually, for it was his incessant praise for the joiner who was fitting the Magnet kitchen today and the boasting of the handmade dresser he'd done for a previous client that gave me the idea. 

The wall units were bugging me you see. As much as I'd tried to embrace this fully fitted kitchen concept, I could never quite get my head around a built-in microwave. And yet, I felt if I ditched the microwave, one day... one particularly cold, time poor day... I'd regret it. So I had a brainwave. Why not put the wall units, and in-built microwave in the utility?! Genius right? It will only be used for the odd bowl of porridge and for those lukewarm cups of tea that I never get round to drinking. I'm sure I can manage the few extra steps to the utility on these occasions. And in place of the wall units, I can get THESE babies made to measure.

Beautiful made to measure alcoves by  DeVol

Beautiful made to measure alcoves by DeVol

It's the slice of handmade kitchen I'd been pining for. Two slices actually. One each side of the chimney breast. I delivered the news (and revised school girl sketch) with an extra large cup of tea and a baker's best mince pie to House Candy Andy for elevenses.

"I've wired it up for a microwave", protested HCA, vigorously massaging his brow.

"Perfect spot for my Roberts radio?" I offered.

"Shelves are dust gatherers", insisted HCA.

"I LOVE dusting", I lied.

"It will look like a painted kitchen," he sighed, knowing that was another battle lost.

I nodded and promptly buggered off to the sample paint pot isle at B&Q. 

It's been a tits up kind of day all in all. The Magnet delivery was missing a few key items which meant the very busy joiner couldn't finish the job. The awol units should be here tomorrow, but the joiner is fully booked until Christmas week.

I also had to scale the bannister rail last night in an attempt to recover my purse that had dropped off the sideboard and become imprisoned by 2 boxes of fridge freezers. In doing so, my phone fell out of my pocket onto the Victorian tiles and now the camera won't work :(

It could have been worse, I could have got stuck down there, between the sideboard and the fridge freezers and without a phone, were it not for my childlike ability to climb a bannister rail. In fact, my disappointment was completely overshadowed by 40+ pride. Still, I paid for it today when I could have brought you the most entertaining Instagram stories EVER and instead the best I could do was caption some vintage swan vases. 

Apologies people, you deserve better. I'm at Apple first thing in the morning because the coming weekend without my camera does not bear thinking about. It's going to be like a Carry On film we've got so much to do.

What do you think to my open shelves idea tho? Worth the upset right? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section. 

More alcove envy, by  DeVOl

More alcove envy, by DeVOl

It's Friyay tomorrow, enjoy!

Claire x