Adding the aaaahhhs, the Ooh La Las and the Ay Ups

Day Twenty Three

The finished kitchen (again)

The finished kitchen (again)

It's Christmas Eve Eve for goodness sake, how did that happen?

Today behind the advent door ('cos just to remind you that was the point of this daily blog throughout December thing) it's been a hive of activity much like at your place I suspect.

Wrapping, food shopping, sending the husband out last minute gift shopping because one pile is bigger than the other, more wrapping, more food shopping, because can you even call it Christmas dinner if you haven't got After Eights? It's all go in the hope that tomorrow we can actually start enjoying this thing that we laughably call a holiday.

Admittedly the usual Christmas Eve Eve frenzy has taken longer than normal because:

a) I have a bit of a panto hangover which I didn't know was a thing until my friend taught me a lesson in panto-ing involving handbag sized bottles of prosecco and straws.

b) I keep having to pause to look at my bloody gorgeous new kitchen.

Am I showing off too much? Sorry. Well actually no, I'm not sorry. It's been blood sweat and tears in the making has this kitchen of ours and if I sound a bit smug then that's because I am. I LOVE it and all the dreaming, mood boarding, planning, saving, splurging, sourcing, scouring and scrubbing has been totally worth it. 

Yesterday I was excited to show you my new Distinctive Chesterfields Northbank sofa:

The fully accesorised Northbank Sofa by

The fully accesorised Northbank Sofa by

...But as I was rushing to get out for the panto, I didn't have time to tell you about the accessories. The patterned cushions and yellow throw are all from B&Q whose home accessories range was full of gorgeous surprises when I popped in for lightbulbs the other day. The large star-shaped metallic silver cushion is by Suburban Salon from Hilary and Flo. It's one of those show stoppers that just makes everything look cooler.

There's one more surprise I can't show you yet because I'm afraid to unwrap it until I get a proper floor down. It's a navy blue velvet version of this, The Paris chair, with a matching footstool, also from Distinctive Chesterfields.

It's these finishing touches that are adding all the oohs and the ahhs and in this case the ooh la las to my new living kitchen. And that's all very well, but undoubtedly it's the "Ay-Up"s I'm looking forward to most. I'm hosting two family gatherings in the space of three days and this party kitchen is about to find out what a Big Fat Yorkshire Christmas looks like.  

Let the fun begin!

Panto dames finding everything bloody hilarious (including Snapchat filters) with the help of handbag prosecco. Henceforth the only way to panto.

Panto dames finding everything bloody hilarious (including Snapchat filters) with the help of handbag prosecco. Henceforth the only way to panto.

Claire x