The No-brainer BOGOF Bar Stools

Day Eighteen

Jeez, bar stools are expensive aren't they? I need four and hadn't planned on this being a big budget allocation. Doh! I trawled the internet but every modern rustic style I liked cost upwards of £100. Then I stumbled upon these from Next that also cost £100, but for a PAIR.

Hudson Bar stools £99, per pair

Hudson Bar stools £99, per pair

In House Candy Maths that means they are buy one get one free or BOGOF - always a welcome turn of phrase at this time of year. 

I'll let you know if they are actually a bargain, or whether I should have saved harder when they arrive on Friday. It will be House Candy Andy's last day at work and I'm anticipating me and him perching on a pair of these for a well-earned beer before he clocks off for Christmas. That's if he hasn't told me to BOGOF of course. Also a strong possibility.

Claire x