The special love cafe where amazing things will happen!

Day Sixteen

Phew! I haven't stopped all day and I suspect the same goes for you. Mums at Christmas ... we are just something else aren't we? How we multitask, how we rise to the challenges set by Santa who promises SO much and delivers ...  Hmmm, about that.

In between finishing off the shopping and breaking the back of the wrapping I went to pick up my framing. I took all the posters that were in my old kitchen to be re-framed. Excessive you might think, but not if you consider I'd picked them all up from second-hand shops and either the frames were falling to bits or I'd just shoved them into the nearest match shop bought frame with their dog-eared edges still perfectly intact, it kind of needed to happen.

The framer is one of those masters of his craft. He can match a mount at ten paces this guy. What could have been a terribly lengthy process of deciding on which mounts and frames went with which pictures, actually took about half an hour. The actual framing itself must have taken him hours, but his time and expertise has certainly paid off.

Here's my soon-to-be-gallery wall unwrapped and laid out on the light flooded floor of The Special Love Cafe, where Amazing Things will Happen...

Love Cafe.JPG

I KNOW!!!!!!

That is the message it spelt out when I laid it all out on the floor! And so despite my sore feet and my paper cut hands, now I do believe in Santa, I do, I do, I do. 

Claire xx