My House Candy Advent-ure

Day 1

December 1st 2017

I love an advent calendar, I do. Chocolate ones are best, obvs. But even a lame picture of a bobble hat on day 16 when ideas are running low and all the best Christmas symbols are being saved til the big week ...yes I've even been known to give the bobble hat a festive squeal.  

So this morning, with the excitement looming for the first choc of advent (a bunny in case you were wondering) I was struck with an idea to do my own advent calendar here on Le Blog. 'Cept instead of chocolate candy, I'll be bringing you House Candy.

For lo, the dirty, messy build phase of my kitchen extension is complete and my three Kings and I are getting giddy about the new rooms at the Inn. We've got 24 days to get our building site Christmas ready which, considering our kitchen currently has no windows, is really quite laughable. That kind of excitement/ stress needs capturing for posterity - if only so that I can show my future grandchildren how Granny got her grey hair.

And that's really as far as I've thought this particular blogging idea through. Every day I'll bring you a picture and a very brief update of the how the extension is coming along, documenting HOW THE HELL we get from a shell of a building to a scene of domestic Christmas bliss on December 25th.

I doubt this will be pretty. There may be swearing. There WILL be tears. But one way or another we will be eating Turkey in our new kitchen extension come Christmas Day.  

Day 1 - Mood Board

mood board.JPG

I'm reminding myself of the mood board from which decisions seem to have strayed in recent weeks.

House Candy Andy (the builder) has discovered a leak from the upstairs loo that is seeping through the newly plastered ceiling below. He says he can fix it, but not until next week, which means we're down to just the one household loo, downstairs.

Unfortunately I've been rushing to get this blog post done since we got home from the school Christmas fair and failed to communicate this news to The Three Kings who eagerly began their after school/work routines. I'm five minutes away from setting off to my first Christmas party of the season and bring this first post of advent to you fresh from fishing a turd out of the broken toilet. True fact. 

I'd love you to join me on this special Christmas journey. In fact, I bloody need your support and comments now, more than ever! Please drop me a line and if you're passing, drop me a gin.

Happy advent everyone. 

Claire xx