My bit of fluff - the stool that stole my heart

Clairey had a little stool, its fleece was white as snow.

White faux fur vanity stool £250 By Justine Emmett on

White faux fur vanity stool £250 By Justine Emmett on

And everywhere that Clairey went,

Her stool was sure to go.

Good news. I've finalised my list of essential items that must be brought to my dressing room when I take My House Candy on the impending world arena tour. 

  • Fresh coconut water
  • Pre-shelled pistachio nuts
  • 3,000 count Egyptian cotton sheets
  • Pure white Mongolian fur covered vanity stool (Well when you've got a butt like Beyonce you deserve it).

Ohhhh alright spoil sports. I'm not really going on a world tour and I still have to shell my own pistachio nuts, but I have got a white Mongolian faux fur covered vanity stool (currently on loan) and it's damn well brought out the diva in me. 

I mean, God missed a trick when he blessed me with boys. Can you imagine me getting the chance to decorate a girl's room? There is not enough flamingo wallpaper in the world to cover it.  My bi-atch would also rock a leopard print onesie with her name on the back, be surrounded by nuff chintzy mirrors to sink a battleship and would almost certainly perch her tu-tud toosh on a fluffy white stool under a vintage dressing table. Are we clear on this point? Girls need fluff.

In fact, having babysat this super cute faux fur covered vanity stool for a couple of weeks now and not found ANY little bottoms pretty enough to sit on it, I'm considering having another go at the baby girl thing, just in case. 

Sadly I have to give Trixie (pet name) back to her mummy next week. But it's only on the understanding that whenever I'm feeling insanely girly and y'know, in need of fluff (I.N.O.F) I can have her back for the weekend. Mummy is Justine Emmett - the clever, crafty lady (veggie since you ask) who one day feeling I.N.O.F struggled to find a fashionable Mongolian fur looking stool that sat well with her conscience. So, as you do, she made one. And lo, Trixie was born.

Lucky for us, Justine has spawned a few more faux fur vanity stools since her beloved first born and they are available to adopt/ buy from her Etsy store. I personally love this sleek, modernist style chrome legged version, but if that's not your thing, do drop Justine a line anyway because other frames and furs are in the pipeline and you never know, she might just be able to conjure something up to your exact diva-ish requirements.

Farewell for now, my little faux furry friend it's been soooo much fun having you around. 

Claire x