from the sublime to the ridiculous - Maid marilyn and the merry men

If there's one thing you can't accuse my interior style of, it is boring. Confused? Yes. Boring? No.

It feels like now, more than ever, I am constantly on the look out for new ways to add interest; to perk up poky corners; to style up a sideboard. This might result in a more eclectic scheme than is absolutely advisable, but what the hell. At least it's not dull. 

It puzzles me when c'lebs big-up boring. When they boast about liking nothing more than box sets and bee keeping. Being boring is a novelty to superstars of course. When they're not being papped in their PJs buying custard creams, they are playing to sell out crowds at Wembley, or walking catwalks in Milan. Not so for the rest of us. For the rest of us, boring really is boring.

Marilyn Monroe was clearly not one of those pro-boring A listers. In fact here she is as my latest poster girl coveting my favourite style memo.

Marilyn Monroe framed poster £30

Marilyn Monroe framed poster £30

Ridiculous is how I'd describe some of my most favourite house purchases. In most cases, these are the pieces that have given my home a unique personality, for not a lot of cash.

This post-holiday week, burdened with the boringness of going back to the regular routine, I'm even more keen than usual to throw in a few house candy curve balls to keep us all on our toes. You know, stuff that makes the husband stop in his tracks half way up the stairs and go..."What the f**k? that's RIDICULOUS!"

Each day I will post some of my more ridiculous purchases. With any luck some of them might give you inspiration and make you go, "Oooh that's a good idea, I never thought of that..."

Others will just stop you in your tracks and make you go, "What the f**k?" 

Well it would be boring if we all liked the same thing wouldn't it? 

Anyway, here's today's offering. A set of vintage Toby Jugs purchased for £1 each from the charity shop and my current favourite hats in which to stuff a few Spring blooms.

We've got Robin Hood on the left and, although the other one's not marked, let's go with The Sheriff of Nottingham on the right. Ridiculous yes? Or at the very least, un-boring.

Want your own Merry Men? The Beatles oughta rock things up a notch. These actual pot heads aren't from the swinging sixties but still qualify as vintage and are currently on Ebay for a hefty £350. Oh but John Lennon with daisy in his hair.... Imagine....

Royal Doulton Beatles Toby Jug set £350

Royal Doulton Beatles Toby Jug set £350

Like the quirkiness, but can't bring yourself to own a Toby Jug? It's completely understandable. A more fashionable option is this crazy cool baby's head plant pot from Mia Fleur

Baby's Head plant pot £9.95 From  Mia Fleur

Baby's Head plant pot £9.95 From Mia Fleur

I would so love to hear about any of your more ridiculous purchases. In fact, how about I show you mine and you show me yours? Now there's a game one should never get bored of.

Ooooh this week's feeling better already. Happy Monday y'all 

Claire x

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