Pod Goals

Hello weekend, wanna hang out?

Bonsai Cocoon £155  www.amara.com

Bonsai Cocoon £155 www.amara.com

I haven't imagined those long, hazy days of summer have I? Those days where the only decision that really matters is whether it should be a Magnum or a lower calorie Solero before the afternoon snooze?

But here's another dilemma to contemplate whilst we're waiting for the mercury to rise. Should our new hanging garden pod be in accent colour OTM turquoise (above), or would it be better to blend in with the foliage i.e this lush leaf green version below?

Tough one isn't it? I won't even confuse you with the other two colour options available from luxury lifestyle brand Amara, but if you're curious, click here for details.

What is without doubt however, is that being suspended from the trees, cocooned amongst a bed of faux fur cushions, legs dangling languidly in the summer breeze, THIS is how I see myself whiling away weekends as soon as weather permits. I mean isn't that peep hole just the perfect place to watch the kids exhaust themselves with water fights and swing ball, whilst you sip Strawberry Daiquiri from the safety of your tree pod? I guess there's still the worry of a badly aimed Nerf Gun, but I'm prepared to take my chance.

I know I've already spoken of open toes this week and now I'm onto outdoor capers ... and I'm yet to clap eyes on a new born lamb. I'm rushing things right? It's just that now's the time to do the garden prep so that when the sunshine actually does make an appearance, lounging time is ON. 

What do you think? Are you tackling the garden situation yet? Why not drop me a line with your thoughts on summer weekend wasting below?

Happy weekend all,

Claire x