The Candy Files - Faking it

What's hot what's not and what's what at my place. This week:

House Candy = Faux Grass

I finally admitted that the football ruined lawn wasn't growing back and succumbed to artificial turf.

But Yay!

They (the grass destroyers) now don't moan that it's raining and go play out in all weathers. What's more, they don't bring half of it back inside with them when they're done.

I'm anticipating gaining at least an extra hour a week in mowing time come summer, which obviously means more time cracking bottled beers open by the BBQ. That easily balances out the niggly issues of no stripes and unsightly timber frames.

Okay so it's not Lords, but you know what parents? It works. If you're thinking of it just agree to buy the good stuff and I promise you'll be fine.

Fine And Candy = Faux flowers

Faux blooms: Bouquets available from £18.50 from

Faux blooms: Bouquets available from £18.50 from

Not as good as fresh flowers but way better than dead ones, that's my view on fauxs. So if you a) Love big blousy blooms and can't afford to regularly fill your fireplace with them or b) Usually leave them to die a brown and crispy death, fauxs are the flowers for you.

There are good, bad and ugly out there so be wary. Obviously you won't go wrong with any of Abigail Ahern's blooms and if anyone wants to order me a bouquet from her hip Heal's Faux flower stall I guarantee I won't be at all offended. Annual flower club membership? oh go on then.

Candy Pandy = Faux pas

Like when I asked the hairdresser for a blow job.

Blow DRY! I meant, blow DRY! But it was too late...  I'd said it and they won't ever let me forget it. 

And that's the thing about fauxs: They Just Don't Die . 

What's your experience of fauxs? Let me know your views in the comments section below, it would be great to hear from you.

Claire x