The Candy Files: What's hot, what's not and what's what at my place

This week...

House Candy = Box Lights

Still huge and now getting bigger. This lipsmacking lovely is by Bxxlght and is perfect for my current Candice/Powerpout crush. Check out the brand's Instagram feed for light art inspiration and the best words to wow in three lines and under. 

Fine and Candy = Box Rooms

My kids have suggested we move the whole family in at home; grandparents, cousins, tortoises... and live as one big, happy House Candy commune. Whilst the thought had my husband seeking emergency oxygen supplies, there was one positive to take from the (brief) discussion on overcrowding. Turns out size does not matter in the bedroom department after all, with both boys bidding for the cosy box room.

For a growing number of homeowners looking to utilise every square inch of living space to accommodate growing families and manage escalating living costs, the box room bedroom is a necessary evil. And yet with clever storage and space enhancing decorating, it can be the cutest room in the house. I might even move in myself.

Image from The Animal Print Shop

Image from The Animal Print Shop

Candy Pandy = Boxed In

Image from

Image from

Perhaps it's the new addition of rugby gear to all the football bumf that fills up my hall and spills out of my washing machine on a non-stop basis. Or could it be the unashamed use of the 'C' word in early October and the threat of 2 more sack-fulls of GOD-ONLY-KNOWS-WHAT to find room for in just a couple of months time? Suddenly I am obsessed with in-built cabinetry and the repercussions could be costly.

I've recently sketched out drawings for built-in hall coat/shoe storage, built-in laundry room cupboards and now a full wall of built-in antique panel style cabinetry to hide TV and games console equipment in the soon-to-be-created snug.

The obvious solution of course is to sacrifice my son's university fund and get him trained up as a joiner. He gets a lifelong trade, I get my cabinetry at mates rates, or better still in return for free board and lodgings in the box room. Y'know this commune concept might just work out ;)

So what's going up and down in your world this week? Talk to me! It will be a great distraction from cupboard sketching.

Claire x