The Candy Files

Back by popular demand (& a burst of inspiration) here's this week's household highs and lows:

This week:

House Candy = Aga

Ever since Sophie Dahl sashayed around that kitchen in her 2010 cookery series I've been after an Aga.

The Delicious Miss Dahl (and her dreamy white AGA)

The Delicious Miss Dahl (and her dreamy white AGA)

Unlike Sophie, I am a shit cook.  But all that's going to change now I've got (amongst other things) an ever-ready roasting oven, two simmering hotplates and a fearsome looking flue pipe, right?

So OK, now I'm no better than the wanton WAGS tearing up the roads in a big shiny fuel munching Range Rover when their most challenging drive is the school run. I hear you. But I've saved hard for this bulging, sexy, beast of an oven. And anyway I drive a mini, so there. 

My new Aga is HOT (Three kinds of hot since you ask) It's added instant industrial chic to my boring modern white kitchen and as an added bonus it keeps me and the pooch toasty warm without ever having to touch the central heating. Never has a household appliance stirred such emotion in a woman. And now I'm an Aga owner I'm all woman.

Watch my transformation from hopeless housewife to domestic goddess here.

Fine & Candy = Saga

As in TV Saga. I think it's still a word? It's definitely still a thing and as far as I can tell it's what cold January evenings are made of. I like mine with lashings of period drama, plenty of swoon-worthy room sets, some sick sartorial inspiration and  - new to my tick list -  a filthy navvy or two. Ref: Jericho and this fine specimen of Victorian eye candy. Ay up indeed.

Hans Matheson as helpful man about the hut, Johnny in ITV's Jericho.

Hans Matheson as helpful man about the hut, Johnny in ITV's Jericho.

Candy Pandy = Lager

Or wine, or even a night time Baileys. It's my final January cliche... yours too? I was pleased to reach the half way point of Dry Jan this weekend and marked the occasion with an exceptionally bad mood and a bottle of 0% Erdinger.  But though I'm loathed to admit it, Davina et al have a point, the effects on the eye bags and waistline are looking promising. 

How's January shaping up in your house? I would love to hear your news xx