The odd shape out. It’s now totally in.

It’s time to flex some hex. Suddenly I’m losing my curves and craving more angles.

Take a 50p - once the odd one out in the spare change, laughed at by its perfectly round sisters. Well ker-ching baby because your time has come...   

Did I really say that? Sorry, I just can't help myself. Hexagons are messing with my head. In fact they've knocked me for six. Here’s how:

1) Wallpaper

This Cole and Son’s Hicks wallpaper corners the gold and navy combo I’m simply crazy about.

2. Tiles

Subway tiles have ruled the splash back world for long enough and I’ve discovered the perfect replacement. All hail King Daroca which has got to be the coolest thing to happen to kitchen and bathroom walls this millennium. The busy design bees at Bert and May have rocked the tile industry with their stunningly beautiful handmade and reclaimed collections - and this honeycomb design is like pure golden honey as far as I’m concerned. 

£190 (plus vat) per sq m

£190 (plus vat) per sq m

I’m also buzzing about these pale honed hexagon mosaics by Fired Earth, which may just be the missing piece in my dream scheme jigsaw.

3. Shelves

My storage regime also requires some hexercise. 

This one is hexactly what I’m looking for. 

4. Mirrors

I’ve been reflecting on my hall situation and the conclusion is it’s dull.  Silly when this simple copper mirror is really all I need. 

Copper wall mirror

Copper wall mirror

5) Door furniture

For a quick and easy update (and to show you’ve really got a handle on this trend), these door knobs are little six sided stunners. 

On dark painted cabinetry they will look divine.

Brass doorknob $75

Brass doorknob $75

6. Tables

And finally I need a side table just to quietly yet confidently run this angular theme through the house… This walnut one should do the trick.

Oh wait… 1,2,3,4. Sorry, this hasn’t quite got the edge.

Whereas this would look a dream beside my bed and I can sleep a whole lot easier knowing I’ve got all six sides of this trend well and truly covered.

Talking of getting in shape, what do you think to my new look blog? Is it everything you hexpected? (I’m done now, promise). It’s now a whole lot easier to comment so I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. Please use the comment, like and share buttons beneath each post.

Oh and before you go, it’s the very last day of voting in the Interior Blog Awards 2015. As you know I’m up for Best Newcomer and it’s amazing just to be in the same frame as the brilliant rookie bloggers in my category. As far as I know there aren’t many bloggers where I live. And definitely none my age. Flitting away your time on t’internet talking about fancy things for your house is not the done thing for a responsible grown up in my corner of the world. But that’s me you see - always trying to fit a square shape through a round hole. Or in this case a hexagon. That’s why I’d really love you to click here and vote the odd one, IN.

Happy weekend all,

Claire :)