bling IT ON

I was wondering how far to go with the bling at Christmas and this happened.

Claridges 2015 Christmas Tree

Claridges 2015 Christmas Tree

This year's Claridges Christmas tree, designed by Burberry - they who made the humble rain mac fashionable - is made up of that other British bad weather staple, brollies. Not any old brollies mind. This is Claridges and these are luxed-up designer metallic umbrellas in ALL the gorgeous shiny hues that have enjoyed the style limelight this year. Clever huh?

It’s inspired a whole new post on alternative Christmas trees which is on the way later, but in the meantime I felt the need to bring on the bling at my place. Here’s how I’m doing it: 

1) With black

Because black and gold is the new, um, black of course.

2) With Pom Poms

Metallic pom pom set

Metallic pom pom set

Because it’s Christmas and you can... which in my book means you should.

3) With Pineapples

Because they’ve become a bit of a My House Candy trademark and that’s all fine with me.

4) With Glitter

Glittering eyes poster

Glittering eyes poster

Because when it’s wet and cold and someone just poked you in the face with their umbrella (gold or otherwise), it helps to see the world with glittering eyes. 

5) With frames

Because any excuse to string festoon lights around an old gilt frame feels like Christmas to me.

Happy blinging everyone. Let the festivities begin :)