The Buddhas of Suburbia

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What’s hot, what’s not and what’s what at my place.

This Week:
House Candy = Bedside Buddha 

Sleeping Buddha by Next. Find new stock here:

I can’t sleep. I’m too hot and my head is too busy. But thanks to a bedroom full of Buddhas, I’m channeling my new awakening in productive ways. I’m living in the moment, man. Even if it is at 3am.

Fine and Candy = Big Buddha

So my Buddhas are having a moment and I’m enjoying them in all shapes and sizes. This huge stone one is going nowhere... and for obvious reasons. At the time, I couldn’t find one big enough in the shops so I got it from the sculpture section at the garden centre. It would look great painted too.

Get yourselves a mini Buddha buddy at this on-line Indian emporium: 
or supersize it at Next:

Candy Pandy = Shoulda Woulda Buddha 

The thing about thrift shopping is that it can be hampered by regret. If I see something weird and wonderful gathering dust in the corner of the charity shop there’s no going away to think about it. What if it’s gone when I return? What if someone else decides they need an oddly shaped, broken piece of lamp stand and snaps it up before you come back with the cash?

That’s why I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring home this collection of oddities that are currently forming a decorative shrine on top of my vintage glass sideboard. They mostly serve no purpose whatsoever, except to remind me that sometimes it’s enough just to be still and cast your friendly shadow. 

Aside from flea markets and charity shops, is one of my favourite haunts for finding that missing treasure you never knew you needed. 

I also love Anthropologie for dreamy bedlinen and accessories gathered from around the globe.    

Has the heatwave put you on go slow? 

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