Perfectly Floored

Want to know the most favourite thing in my house? This:

Excuse Betsy, she’s tile hugging again. ‘Cause me and Betsy, we LOVE tiles.

These ones in particular are super special. I think they are the most beautiful of all the original features that have survived in our Victorian Villa. They remind me of those patterned colouring books I used to have as a child.

Funny then that colouring in is the stress buster OTM and fancy, geometric floor tiles are also having a moment.

Just like colouring in carefully and staying within the lines, there’s something about encaustic tiled floors that instills mindfulness. So much so, that whole Instagram accounts have been devoted to the appreciation of beautiful floor tiles and I’m one of the biggest fans.

Check out: ihavethisthingwithfloors - 400,000 of us are following this pair of pretty feet as they step on some of the most fabulous floors on the planet.

I’m all for this new found celebration of all that is uber cool, underfoot. In fact I’m putting it out there that gazing skyward is like, so 2014. Looking for divine design inspiration? Look down.

So are you ready to colour in your own thoughtful floorspace? Of course you are. Well lucky then that  there are some unbelievably cool tile companies that specialise in just that.

Bert and May appeared on my style radar early this year and I keep returning to their website for a quick fix floor filler whenever the craving hits. I’m redesigning my entrance way - which is separate to the main hall above - and although it will be a small welcome area, I want to make it WOWy with these:



Churriana tile £6.80 each

Based at their East London studio, Bert and May are ahead of the game when it comes to cool tiled floors. These guys are busy scouring Europe for reclaimed tile treasures as well as designing and hand making their own exquisite collections. Here’s a few more of my favourites to tantalise your tile taste buds…


Alexis tile £4.44 each

Majadas tile in Azure blue £7.40

Spanish Agudo tile £6 each

Obviously reclaimed tiles are in limited supply, but people there are NO limits to the style points even the smallest square footage of actual antique tiles will add to your pad. I mean, I’m literally dreaming of the day when I can have this conversation: 

“Hey, great tiles, where you get ‘em?” 
“They were salvaged from a bodega in the Cadiz region of Spain.” 


One more idea you might fancy is a patchwork tiled floor. Of course Bert and May do a bespoke mix and match service to die for, but for a budget option, High Street favourite Topps Tiles do a quirky take on period tiling too:

Stamford tiles approx £13 each for a 45cm x 45cm tile

Of course, no post on tiles would be complete with out a shout out to Fired Earth. I have been known to wander round these showrooms in a similar way to how normal people visit art galleries. 


Valetta Encaustic tile


Toulouse floor tile http:/

I know, it’s time I got help. And it’s also time the husband treated me to a bit of Marrakech in my wet room.

But that’s a whole other post. For now, I must focus on getting my entrance way done. Look out for my size 4’s (and a couple of fluffy white paws) appearing on an Instagram feed near you ;-)

photo ℅

So where do you stand on the great tiled floor debate? Want a piece of Italian piazza in your pad? Or are you more of a simple slate gal? It would be great if you could comment below or how about we start our own floor inspired hashtag? I’m thinking #ToesOnTiles could go viral, no?

Put your best foot forward peeps, have a great week xx