Lemon Aid

I’m in a permanent state of happy this week and it’s all thanks to my latest house candy craving... YELLOW.

I have been getting my fix in several ways. Here’s three of them:

1) Sunshine. 
That big yellow ball in the sky is spreading all kinds of happy over our land. See EVERYBODY’s Facebook and Instagram for details.

2) Kodak coloured cabinetry. 
The rest of the market goers didn’t feel the love for these two bright office rejects. Happily, I did. And at £30 for the pair, the husband still has a smile on his face too.

3) Sunniest sundress ever
Just past the butter isle and beyond the melons, this ladylike showstopper beckoned me from Sainsbury’s sale rail. Not very often I bag a fashion smile for £11. I reckon this one would be a Wimbledon match winner. What about you?


Literally Bananas for yellow.

So this week has taught me that a yellow colour pop works like no other. It’s obvious really. Think of a G&T without a slice of lemon. It’s … well it’s just rubbish.  That little chunk of yellow that, until now, you took for granted adds brightness, sharpness and liveliness to your drink... 

So imagine what it can do for your interior!


Here’s some of my favourite yellow coloured house candy that just might be the acid in your alkaline life:

Stockholm cabinet £275 www.ikea.com

I long for this cabinet. On each trip to Ikea I stand in front of it, close my eyes and think… HARD… for a place for it to go. Sadly, every nook and cranny is currently taken; but beware oh furniture of mine. For if you shall chip, or break or accidentally be mown into and destroyed by a heavyweight Dyson… this blonde Skandinavian bombshell will replace you quicker than you can say meatballs.

Dimple Footstool. £445 www.loaf.com 

I like a poof, I do. I especially like a deep buttoned yellow velvet poof with cute little stubby oak legs.  This honey is also on my wish-list. It will go with my grey carpet like butter on toast.

Jonah double bed £549 www.made.com 

The kids at school used to say that picking dandelions made you wet the bed. I hope they were lying because I’ve ordered this Jonah bed in cheery dandelion fabric for my eldest son’s bedroom. Try being a grumpy tweenager with this in the room, sunshine.

I think I like this retro wallpaper by Cole and Son because it reminds me of my nanna's pantry. One thing’s for sure, she didn't pay £85 a roll to liven up her store cupboard. I’m on the lookout for actual vintage tiles in this hue to finish off my girl cave. Let me know if you find some!

Of course I haven’t spent hard earned money on a giant yellow wax pineapple…yet. 

Oh I could go on. The thing is, if I see a fabulous yellow interiors piece, I never forget it. It becomes stapled to my mental mood board. Yellow has ALL the power of the sun and all the sweetness of a daisy. Aaahhhh. Yellow is the colour of happy. Fact. And we all need a regular pop of that, don’t we?

Mr Happy

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Happy heatwave y’all xx