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This week… 

House Candy = Boho

Sorry if I’ve been a bit vacant these last couple of weeks. I’ve relocated to my beachfront getaway with the boys and the fluffy one.

Picture me if you will looking all tanned and glowy, hair a bit sun bleached as I lounge around my holiday condo sipping lemon tea. I’m living in cut off jeans and flip flops and my wrists are weighed down with bangles and love beads…. Are you there yet?

Great, well actually I’m in Scarborough, North Yorkshire and it’s a good 10 degrees below the Mediterranean. But I’m not one to to let a number get in the way of my fun and I’m still embracing the Ibizan beach boho vibe, with vengeance.

Boho is back - in fact it never went away - because this is the laid back luxury style that our dream summers are made of.

Sienna Miller owns Boho and it’s handy to keep her in mind if you are wanting to work a bit of the summer hippy vibe into to your home.

Let’s start with a mood board. I’ve collected a few images on Pinterest to get us feeling the ambience:

Boho is easy; uncomplicated; relaxed. It looks happily thrown together with an anything goes kind of nonchalance.

You can wear your Bohome with clashing patterns and exotic prints

Or you can go clean and modern, with a bit of hippy on the side

I love everything about this look. In fact I love it so much that I thought I’d spend a couple of summery weeks exploring this whole theme here on the blog.

I’m going to look at cheap and cheerful Boho updates that you can quickly copy, as well as some luxury touches to invest in and escalate your hippy style to a whole other level.

Hope you’ll hang around?


Fine and Candy = Soho

Specifically the roof garden at Soho House, West Hollywood, CA. Boho at Soho with a jug of a Mojito. Know what I’m sayin'?


Candy Pandy = Hobo

Extreme Boheme… It’s a fringe too far, agreed?

Is hippy happening for you? Let me know your thoughts on all things #boho below. You can also get me on Twitter and Facebook - I’d love to hear from you!