Part 2: Keeping up with the Bohemians

The Candy Files: What’s hot, what’s not and what’s what at my place. This Week …

House Candy = Hanging Chairs

So now we’re into the swing of this series on boho interiors, I’d like to discuss my recent obsession with hanging stuff. That's because if you really want to nail this vibe, you need to know what makes a bohemian tick.

Google boho homes and you will come across a lot of pictures of hanging chairs. When you think about it, you can understand why. Hanging chairs are not a place to be studious; to do homework or to take an urgent video conference. For that matter, they’re not the ideal seat in which to watch a loud, shouty football match or play championship chess.

Hanging chairs are great for doing nothing in.

For feeling inspired in.

For listening to songbirds in.

For thinking colourful thoughts in.

For writing blogs in? I would be so happy to find out.

This gorgeous natural rope number is now back in stock at cool Cardiff interiors store Grab yours now in the hope that summer hangs around for a little bit longer. 


Fine and Candy = Hanging Baskets

Yup, I’m harping on about greenery again. And with good reason, because is there anything else that has the power to change the ambience in a room quite so much as plants? No wonder the bohemians out there love them. And boy do they love them.

They love them in multiples and handmade from crotchet. Get the hang of it here:

They love them more than curtains: Just enough privacy, not too much blocking of that lovely, inspiring sunlight.

They love simple wire ones. (Well OK, I do) and here’s my effort at making them using wire light bulb shades picked up for £1 at the market. Give them a bit of growing time and they’ll be a little dangling vision of loveliness... honest.

You can get a bigger version of the wire shade from Wilko for £12. Add a cool trailing ivy and you’ve cracked a modern take on the trend. Budget boho bingo.

And bohemians like hanging plants in bedrooms too. Swinging from the rafters. Literally.


Candy Pandy = Hanging Loose

Currently causing a titter on twitter, the bohemian trend to be #braless is officially happening. Kids, there are two things wrong with the onion bag look. Count ‘em.

Thanks so much for hanging around guys. I’m having a lot of fun with this boho theme, have you noticed? Why don’t you let me know your thoughts in the comments section?

Next week I’m cutting some boho shapes on the floor... which reminds me, I’ve got a present to kick start your weekend. Why? ‘Cos I like you and I feel so bohemian like you. Click here you can thank me later. xxxx

PS. Have a great weekend and thanks for all your lovely tweets, follows etc. You would not believe how happy they make me… Needy? Moi?