My big fat gypsy lightbulbs

What is it about a string of light bulbs that gives me butterflies? Image Map

I arrive at a party to find it lit up with little twinkly lights and straight away I’m excited. Just me?

They don’t have to be white and sophisticated. In fact these days, I’m all for bright garish colours. Like, if fairground chic was a thing, I’d have some. With whiter teeth if you know what I mean?

This week's house candy craving got the better of me and for good reason. The party venue I’m about to have my big bash at has chosen this week to dig up the pavement.  There are certain things out of a control freak’s remit and evidently roadworks is one of them. So, gutted that my guests will have to dodge traffic cones and roadwork barriers upon arrival, I’m giving them lights. Big fat gypsy lightbulbs to be precise. These babies:

I’m sure you discovered along with me some time ago. They regularly send mail order catalogues to remind you just how to do rustic-luxe. Laid back loveliness for indoors and the kind of outdoor living scenes that have you dreaming of long summer nights and a plentiful supply of Pimms.

Their new festoon lights are connectable which, as I discovered from my experience with Christmas illuminations, makes ALL the difference. It’s all very well having somewhere great to hang them, cute little trees to wrap them around, or great big beams to drape them over, but what about the plugs? With this ingenious invention, you can go as lightbulb bonkers as your budget will allow; connecting string after string until your whole garden is alight with midsummer magic. You simply plug the starter set in and add on each additional string using the water tight connectors. Simps.

I had a play around in the garden and discovered that a few lightbulbs here and there makes ordinary little shrubs suddenly photo-worthy. Take this kid-cave for example. I thought my boys were past den making but on creating this in as much time as it took them to get their PJS on, they were all for bringing out the sleeping bags. And who can blame them?

The extendable festoon lights are selling fast and now on pre-order with more stock expected by Cox and Cox in July. I’m well happy I got mine in time for the party and with any luck will be making future connections over the summer. 

So, it’s my party and thanks to unsightly roadworks, I WILL cry if I want to. But I will be quickly cheered up by a few pretty lights and a well placed pompom (see previous post for details). I’m cool like that.

Fancy a bit of fairground chic in your garden? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Candyfloss anyone? xx