Just A Big Lush

My garden is alive with colour and I awoke this morning with an insatiable urge to bring the outside in. With birthday money in hand, off I popped to the shops to fulfil this week's house candy craving. Here’s what happened.

First I called in at The Range to revisit a fake succulent I was admiring only the other week. Did it bother me that she was void of life? Could I manage a real one? Did she look cheap and nasty compared to the designer ones I have seen recently? NO, NO and NO was my conclusion and so she  came home.

Yucca - £25 The Range

Next I hit B&Q, this time armed with a trolley, which always sparks trouble from a purse strings point of view. Not so much here however, where you can fill your boots (even your car boot) with gorgeous little bedding plants from as little as 20p. 

However, focussed on the indoor variety, I selected these little treats which I have promised faithfully to feed and water and in return they have promised to stay this lovely, fashionable shade of bright green.

Trailing Ivy, £4 B&Q

Glass Jar with 3 mini greens £10

And finally, my pretty orchid was looking lonely in the dining room, so I treated it to a friend. They like  spending the day admiring each other in the big vintage mirror. Vain or what? That’s orchids for you.

Orchid, £8 B&Q

So that’s my big lush plant haul and all my birthday pennies spent. But with any luck, I’ll be enjoying them for many more weeks and months to come.

Stop me talking to my plants will you and drop me a line? I’d love to hear from you xx

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