In the Midst

The Candy Files: What’s hot, what’s not and what’s what at my place.

This week…

House Candy = Midsummer

A time for mystic and magic, fanciful romance and naked moonlit dances round a crackling fire pit…


An opportunity to turn your garden lights on. 

Either way, I dig summer nights. And don’t believe the hype; today is just the beginning. 


Fine and Candy = Midlife

There is life in the old dog yet. I’m finding the midlife point all kinds of inspiring. Look out for new blog collaborations and an exciting My House Candy up-cycling venture coming soon.


Candy Pandy = Midriff

Sit-ups or Cover ups. These days I have only two options. Know what I mean?

Any midsummer or midlife mayhem going on at your place? I’d be only too happy to lend an ear …

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