Cave goals

The Candy Files: What’s hot, what’s not and what’s what at my place.

This week:

House Candy = Girl Cave

The BIG school holidays are nearly upon us and I’m going to need somewhere to hide. That’s why I’m attacking my girl cave goals with new urgency.

I’m lucky enough to have an outbuilding in the yard. What was the old wash house still has a functioning butlers sink, a fireplace and beautiful Yorkshire flagstone floors.

With a full on 10 year house restoration programme on the go, this space has never been a priority.  Instead it's existed as a rather lavish dumping ground for bikes, garden toys, tools and general household surplus… until now!

Soon this little corner of my driveway will be My House Candy Cave, in which junk shop finds and pass-me-down furniture will be re-invented as objects of interior lust and desire.  Chalk painting, up-cycling. even the odd bit of re-upholstering will take place here under the guidance of my super talented mum. Now and again we’ll even be inviting you for “Tea and Make”, involving that winning combination of painting workshop and Yorkshire hospitality.
Watch THIS space.


Fine and Candy = Kid Cave


You can spend a lot of money on getting the kid’s a den. In fact, I’ve heard of some neighbourhoods where kid-cave competition is rife. Personally, I’d prefer to spend the money on my actual house, but look, the need for a blow-the-budget play den may be deep rooted in childhood angst. I get that, so if you’ve got to get it out of your system, a two-storey munchkin magnet complete with picket fence and window boxes should put your past demons to bed …


But we all know, don’t we, that the best fun is make-believe. It’s also free and takes up a good proportion of that abundant school holiday time. And I am ALL for filling that. Clothes airers, old sheets, wooden steps, plastic patio furniture… all these are good foundations for a decent den. Raid the garage, the neighbours garage, the garden shed and challenge the kids to a den making competition. I promise you, it will get the holidays off to a flier.


Candy Pandy = Cafe Cave-Man 

Turns out the primitive diet was a few thousand years ahead of its time. Nuts, berries, the odd skinned rabbit; all perfectly balanced, nutritious and digestive system friendly. To look this good in leopard skin I’m prepared to give it a go. Just don’t come near me with a white chocolate Magnum, OK?