Adventures in Wonderland

The Candy Files - My interior ups and downs

House Candy = Through the Looking Glass

"Who in the world am I?”, said Alice. It’s a quandary I have pondered long and hard, but as I awoke to a new decade in my life - the naughty forties - I suddenly found the answer.

I’m… ah sod it ... I’m me.
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House-wise, this is a big help. I can stop trying to pigeon hole my style… Am I modern rustic? Am I classic contemporary? Am I eclectic enough? I’m just me; and my interior choices only ever feel right when they reflect that. 

So just as I have come to realise that the shorter I cut my hair, the less like girl-crush Emma Willis I become, I have also found that copying someone else’s house style is never going to suit my own home. 

I’m not cured of my magazine addiction… far from it. But suddenly I don’t want what other people have got. I want to admire their style and develop my own, which feels a whole lot more achievable. 

So, I’m beginning this next decade of my life with a whole new level of adventure. As for giving my new found signature style a name? Let’s call it curiouser and curiouser. To mark the discovery, I bought myself this fabulous limited edition moleskine (above) to jot down my inspiration. Get yours here:

Fine and Candy = Mad Hatters Tea Party

I’m not the only Mad Hatter celebrating a milestone birthday this year. Alice in Wonderland is 150 years old and has never looked better. Check out The Alice Boutique for everything Alice, including this adorable Tea Set.

Candy Pandy = Cheshire Cat

Beach selfies, family boat trips, drunken gigging - you name it, I’ve posted the photo with a big fat Cheshire Cat grin on my face. It’s smug, it’s nauseating, it’s unbecoming of me. Look away people, I’m hoping there’s more to come.