Toilet Humour

When my friend sent me this picture of her newly decorated downstairs loo, I knew we were onto something. Also a mother of boys, the pink Cole & Son wallpaper was a brave move. “It’s so camp!” guffawed her teenage son, offering it up to Instagram for lolz. Bog-standard had become banter-some and suddenly there was a queue for the previously un-loved cloakroom. Boom.

A year ago I decided to camp it up in the downstairs loo. It went from pale and un-interesting…


To flaming-orgeous… 


It still causes a stir when new visitors pay a call which, as my friend is now discovering, proves the little boys room is a great place to experiment with colours or patterns you might not necessarily dare to bare elsewhere.  Here’s why:

1) It’s usually the smallest room in the house, which means you can use fancy wallpapers to full effect without breaking the bank.

2) Loo lolz will ALWAYS be a thing.

3) You know I like to add a bit of magic to the mundane and where better to practise the theory than in the most boringly functional room in the house.

So I urge you all to carry on camping like my friend and I. But if pink flamingos are just a bridge too far, here’s a few more ways to help you spend a stylish penny.

                                          Go for gold

              Place ornate gilt mirrors in the room you’d least expect them… the devil is in the detail. 

Admire the view

No window? short on wall space? Make it count with a striking piece of artwork. The downside is visits may take longer.

Hang out with me

Wall hung units and wall mounted taps save on space and always add extra design points. This tall and skinny space is of supermodel proportions and dressed to impress.

Wall to wall WOW

Pile on the glamour by taking the luxe wall to wall. These marble tiles scream style which makes them worth saving up for.


Don’t keep them a secret, let us know your little loo luxuries below. I’m bursting to hear from you xxx